BBC Radio iPlayer Plus: BBC Radio iPlayer Plus is the web version of the popular iPlayer Radio app from the BBC. It allows you to listen to over fifty internet radio stations directly from within your browser. You can also listen to all of the BBC’s live radio channels, such as BBC London, BBC Radio Four, BBC 6 Music and more. Like the app, the widget is fully customizable. It allows you to change the station logo and the scroll animation to the look you prefer.

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Shazam
Overall rating (on iTunes): 4.5/5
Price: Free
Shazam is a powerful app that is used for a number of tasks. It’s possible to identify a song, actor, or singer simply by playing a part of the audio in front of the program. This process is known as Shazam-ing, and it works similarly to a voice search.
The Shazam-ing feature is a powerful one that works great in many situations. As long as the person you want to identify is standing by a microphone or singing a song, the app will work wonders. In some cases, it may be possible to recognize someone even when they’re simply speaking into their phone. There are no limits to what the app can do, and the search will continue as long as the audio is in your possession.
However, it’s important to understand that Shazam is not perfect. Sometimes, the process of Shazam-ing may not work at all. This could happen if the audio is too short, or if the audio is of low quality. Additionally, the Shazam-ing process may not work if you are indoors or in a noisy area.
Shazam is a free app that works in some decent ways. The Shazam-ing process is quite quick and intuitive, but it can occasionally fail when you’re outdoors or in an area with a lot of noise.
KEYMACRO Description:
Shazam is a powerful app that works great in a number of situations. It’s possible to identify a song, actor, or singer simply by playing a part of the audio in front of the program. This process is known as Shazam-ing, and it works similarly to a voice search.

Publisher: SopCast
Developer: SopCast
Overall rating (on iTunes): 4.5 384a16bd22

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Generates Windows shortcut that can perform any macro. Includes support for all Windows OS and other system shortcuts and programs. It is a key combination, not a hotkey. Use it as a replacement for function keys on your keyboard, or a combination of modifiers.
Common Keys:
– Alt – Windows keys: Alt+Left, Alt+Up, Alt+Down, Alt+Right
– Ctrl – Windows keys: Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down, Ctrl+Right
– Super key – Windows keys: Win+Left, Win+Up, Win+Down, Win+Right
– Alt+Tab – Alt+Windows key: Alt+Tab
– Windows keys: Tab
– Control: Ctrl+Tab
– Windows keys: Back, Home, End
– Windows keys: Enter
– Windows keys: Escape
– Windows keys: F1
– Windows keys: F2
– Windows keys: F3
– Windows keys: F4
– Windows keys: F5
– Windows keys: F6
– Windows keys: F7
– Windows keys: F8
– Windows keys: F9
– Windows keys: F10
– Windows keys: F11
– Windows keys: F12
– Windows keys: F13
– Windows keys: F14
– Windows keys: F15
– Windows keys: F16
– Windows keys: F17
– Windows keys: F18
– Windows keys: F19
– Windows keys: F20
– Windows keys: F21
– Windows keys: F22
– Windows keys: F23
– Windows keys: F24
– Windows keys: F25
– Windows keys: F26
– Windows keys: F27
– Windows keys: F28
– Windows keys: F29
– Windows keys: F30
– Windows keys: F31
– Windows keys: F32
– Windows keys: F33
– Windows keys: F34
– Windows keys: F35
– Windows keys: F36
– Windows keys: F37
– Windows keys: F38
– Windows keys: F39
– Windows keys: F40
– Windows keys: F41
– Windows keys: F42
– Windows keys: F43
– Windows keys: F44
– Windows keys: F45
– Windows keys: F46
– Windows keys: F47
– Windows keys: F48
– Windows keys


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