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It is the GPLv3 AGPL-1.0+ License for the Universal Adobe Patcher for. I’m just not sure what this means with Universal Adobe Patcher + Painter…

Since Adobe’s installer runs under a restricted-scope term of service they call “activation-only”, it is not allowed to run without their permission. For instance, all Adobe products must run under the restricted-scope that’s named “Activation-Only”. This term of service also applies to their patching-utility. Adobe even explicitly states on their homepage, “For all releases of the Adobe patching product, you must agree to and accept the terms of activation-only.”
They also explicitly state that they may disable the patch for multiple customers as is, “If we need to disable the patch due to a known vulnerability, or if we find security problems in the patches, or if the patches interfere with the product, we may disable the patch for all customers.” (From Adobe KB article, Adobe Acrobat and Reader Patching Customers.)
And if you try to build their patching utility without the activation-only restriction, like @cmaster did, Adobe will reject your binary. The reason why you don’t see any way to build it is simple: patching tools like the Universal Adobe Patcher, Patch Painter, and Patch Extractor are all built to run under that restricted-scope and are licensed under the GPLv3, under the AGPL-1.0+. (Read all about it here on the GPL FAQ)

This means that the Universal Adobe Patcher for. no longer has any term of service restrictions and any of the patches and the program can be released under any terms you please.
To use that GPL, however, the patches need to be distributed and adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter.exe needs to be released. You can of course, stop using the software (which would be understandable for the software that by the way is also a problem if running under the restricted-scope) or use a “free” patch creator for the stock binary.
Adobe does make a few patches which add core functionality (but not really through a term of service limitation). Their Tax Manager (GPLv2) is a software which must be released and distributed for them to patch the software. Their Secure Trusted Runtime for Adobe Acrobat (AGPLv2) which has an activation-only


Adobe Patcher Software Download
Adobe Patcher Software For Windows
Sonic 6 Patch Adobe 4.1

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