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The KEYMACRO predicates is a set of macros that can be used in any object-oriented language to detect improper use of pointers. In this way, it prevents some type of memory management errors that might occur during memory allocation.
Is there anything similar to:
KEYMACRO(Point, “Point”,”p”)


Object-oriented Prolog (OOP) is a programming paradigm that brings the features of object-oriented programming into the logic programming world. In other words, it’s the process of embedding a programming language (or computing platform) within a logic programming language. This programming paradigm is meant to support object-oriented programming (as well as other forms of object-oriented programming). This paradigm goes beyond OOP by allowing for object-oriented programming to occur within the context of a non-object-oriented programming system.
If you want to learn more about OOP in Prolog, check out Programming in Prolog: an Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (by Frank W. Zimanyi), as well as Programming in Prolog: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (by John C. Harrison), both of which are available from your favorite local book store (if not on the Web). The first book talks more about programming in Prolog, while the second book talks more about object-oriented programming in Prolog.


I think the word you’re looking for is “object-oriented programming”. I guess this word would be a synonym to OOP in your question. You should know that the origin of this word is “object-oriented programming”. In OOP the users of programming languages build classes that represent some entities or things in the real world. These classes may have some attributes and methods, which we call “member functions” or “methods”, each one of them belonging to a class. For instance a person would be represented by a class called “Person” and may have some attribute that represents his name, age, etc., a method that returns a list of persons the user knows, an another method that returns his phone number or an another one that returns his address. So, there is an advantage in using OOP, and that is the possibility of building different objects and just using them with a simple reference to the object, without knowing the class or the attributes or methods that the object has.
Furthermore, most of the programming languages, including Logtalk, support OOP d82f892c90

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– OBJIN : OBJ Import
– FLATS/PRIMS : Flats and Primitives
– SOLS/SP : Solids and Spheres
– OBJ : OBJ File
– VRE : Vertex data with texture coordinates
– TEX : Textures
To exit the command prompt, type “EXIT”. (or lack of) evidence that acceptance would have generated in the defendant a ‘deepening or

reinforcement of the convictions’ in a way that makes them different from how they

would have been had the defendant had no opportunity to reject the government’s

offer.” Id. (quoting United States v. Posada-Rios, 158 F.3d 832, 869 (5th Cir.


Since this inquiry is “categorical,” however, it only requires us to look at “the

plea agreement and the transcript of the plea colloquy… to determine whether the

defendant would have accepted the government’s offer.” Gonzalez, 112 F.3d at 993


Here, Mr. Phelps’ plea agreement contained a provision stating that the

agreement was contingent on the court’s acceptance of the parties’ recommended

sentence of fifty-seven months’ imprisonment. Aplee. Br. at 5. The record is

conflicting as to whether Mr. Phelps informed the district court that he would have

accepted the government’s plea offer had he known of it. On the one hand, Mr.

Phelps testified at the plea hearing that he did not remember discussing the plea

agreement with the district court. Tr. at 11. On the other hand, the court’s

September 4, 2008, docket entry indicates that Mr. Phelps requested a plea

agreement, but the agreement contained a provision for a prison sentence of 57

months. Id., Vol. II at 83-87. This entry also indicates that Mr. Phelps agreed to

the plea agreement and, in a signed and notarized affirmation, affirmed that the


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