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Keymacro is a lightweight keyboard macro recorder and editor. It’s designed with an intuitive interface, and allows you to store and edit complex, large-scale keystroke sequences with ease. You can record a single macro or a sequence of macros. A unique feature allows you to select a group of text and/or keystrokes to be replaced with user-defined text, a keystroke, or an action.
Keymacro is highly configurable. You can choose what actions to record (add, modify, delete) and what keys to record (text, modifiers, selected windows). You can also record and execute macros while holding down one or more keys (in other words, while pressing a key, you can continue pressing another key) and repeating that key.
Keymacro comes with more than a dozen actions that you can add, delete, and edit. These include macros such as record one line of text, delete the last line of text, paste the clipboard contents, and execute the last macro in your history. It also includes actions that you can use to manipulate windows (open, maximize, minimize, and so on) and to move the mouse (click on a window, drag, and so on). If you need a more powerful macro recorder, you can even use Microsoft’s Window API (System.Windows.Forms) to record a macro that includes, for example, a Windows dialog box. In this case, Keymacro will not only record keystrokes, but also the mouse clicks and positions of the mouse.
On top of all that, you can save and load keymacro sequences. You can create new sequences, add an action to an existing sequence, or delete an action from an existing sequence.
What’s new in this version:
Added support for Windows 7
Changed the default window state for new Macros to Normal
Changed the default Action for new Macros to None
Macros can now be recorded while holding down a key
Added an option to paste the clipboard contents to the next line
Added an option to replace keystrokes with a key
Added an option to replace the selected text with a key
Added an option to enable/disable the loading of a keyboard map from a file
Added an option to add key, Alt+letter, and Shift+letter shortcuts to an existing sequence
Added support for Alt+Enter to open windows
Added a menu bar item to insert key or character to the clipboard
Added an option to ignore case
Tweaked 384a16bd22

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– Generates Convex Polygons
– Use Fill Colors to show contours of the generated meshes (optional)
– Use Boolean Operations to generate additional mesh types (optional)
– Supports high-resolution datasets
– Complex inputs are processed in a few seconds

15-Oct-16: Version

* Gave the option to fill the mesh with a color for each vertex (optional)

20-Aug-16: Version

* Supported 2D and 3D polygons with rectangular holes
* Supported overlap/merge of faces
* Maintains contours of the input (optional)
* Errors were reported more clearly (optional)
* Contours are made semi-transparent (optional)
* Other minor improvements (optional)

05-Aug-16: Version

– Added: Now you can make contours out of the meshes generated by the application.
– Added: Now you can set the contour to a different color than the mesh itself (optional)
– Added: Now you can load, save and export meshes with CSV files (optional)
– Added: Now you can make meshes out of images in your clipboard (optional)
– Added: Now you can make meshes out of bitmap (optional)
– Added: The meshes can be exported as a 3D model in STL format (optional)
– Added: The user can now define different types of meshes that are generated (optional)
– Added: The user can now generate error messages when the mesh is incorrect (optional)
– Added: The user can now make meshes of arbitrary input polygons (optional)
– Added: The user can now generate multiple meshes at once (optional)

16-Jul-16: Version

– Added: Now you can make meshes out of polygons of any shape (not only rectangles)
– Added: Now you can select the type of meshes you want to make (optional)
– Added: Now you can generate meshes of arbitrary size and you can define the number of faces (optional)
– Added: Now you can make meshes of an arbitrary size with an infinite number of faces (optional)
– Added: Now you can generate meshes of an arbitrary size with a specified number of faces (optional)
– Added: Now you can make meshes of

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