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Web Gallery Builder is the essential utility for anyone who wants to create photo album Web pages with professional results.
Showcase your images by creating your own personal Web site; no HTML knowledge required. With just a few clicks, the wizard generates your Web Gallery, including thumbnails, ready to post online to any Web host.
Better than any other software in its category, it generates photo Web albums faster and easier, with superior results. Because it enables users to maintain control over all their generated files, Web Gallery Builder is a popular alternative to online photo sharing sites. Welcome to a new and better way to share your photos!
Users simply import and arrange photos into albums, write image captions and album descriptions, select from several built-in professionally designed themes, or browse more free themes available online.
Provides an exceptional viewer experience — Web Galleries created with Web Gallery Builder are visually appealing, personalized and hold virtually unlimited albums and photos.
Offers security and control — Web Galleries are generated on the user’s computer and not dependent on changing restrictions imposed by Web hosts. The user has complete control of the Web Gallery and their choice of Web hosts. Intrusions can be kept to a minimum with no ads, pop-ups or spam. With Web Gallery Builder you don’t need to register to see a Web Gallery, and you simply navigate your browser to the Web Gallery’s Web site.







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A Unique, Unique and Stand-Alone Modular Synth

Tassman is the ultimate modular system, providing you with an extensive collection of unique synthesizers, effect processors and tools.

What Tassman is not:

Tassman is not a music sequencer. It’s not a music editor. It’s not an audio editor. It’s not a music browser or a music selector.

Easy to Use:

For first-time users, Tassman is remarkably easy to use and doesn’t force the user to learn a complex interface.

I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, and it’s still a pleasure to use. It’s also great that I can use it as a plug-in in any DAW or VST I choose.

Unlike a lot of other, more “complex” systems, the Tassman system can be started from scratch in no time, and is easy to follow and understand.

All Tassman projects have their own full-featured metadata editor, allowing you to easily create new, unique presets and modify any setting that may be interesting to you, including parameter values and internal routing.

Based on physical modeling, each Tassman synth contains multiple oscillators which can be modified in any way you want. In order to do so, you can draw your own waveforms, adjust the filters and other attributes, and create your own modulation source as a number of modulation points.

All Tassman synths are modulatable and can be used as a sub-synthesis engine, i.e. in real time, but they are also fully customizable and very powerful as standalone synths.


Tassman is packed with hundreds of models, covering almost every imaginable sound you can think of.

Tassman provides modules that can be used in either stand-alone mode, i.e. working entirely on its own, or as part of an external synthesizer setup, such as the MSS20.

In real-time mode, you can use the Tassman sound modules as audio effect processors or, using the modulatable mode, as a sub-synthesis engine.

The Tassman module library also includes effects, such as Reverbs and Delay modules, which can be used in any way that you like.

So as to not confuse new users, Tassman also

Quick Notes

* Simple Notes.
* Save / Load / Open text files.
* Undo / Redo.
* Plain text notes.
* Image support.
* Password protection.
* Character counter.
* Text highlighter.
* Auto-save.
* Printing.
* List / Bookmarks.
* Command/context menu support.
* Print.
* Copy and paste.
* Drag and Drop.
* Undo/redo.
* Hide/Show Menu/Toolbar.
* Save button.
* Fonts.
* Goto line.
* Search.
* Language settings.
* Help.
* About.
* Notes and Versions.
* Icon.
* Uninstall.
* Exit.
You can find Quick Notes on GitHub:

– You are downloading a free program, so be careful before you decide to download it.
– After you have downloaded it, you can uninstall it if you want.
– Make sure you have read and accepted the license agreement.
– You can read the license agreement here:

Attention: Using this application means that you accept the terms and conditions that are in the license agreement.
This is a free program, but it can also be paid version. The paid version does not add any new features, it just will show a different splash screen and give you the opportunity to purchase it. The program is provided without any warranty, with no time limit for support.

“You must be signed in to add this app” This is because of how Google handles the files added from other apps. If you are signed in to Google, then your files are not added to the other apps, unless you change the settings.

“This item is not available for the following countries:

By Peter Wos1/14/2017 4:14:30 PM


“You must be signed in to add this app” This is because of how Google handles the files added from other apps. If you are signed in to Google, then your files are not added to the other apps, unless you change the settings.

“You must be signed in to add this app” This is because of how Google handles the files added from other apps. If

Quick Notes

Quick Notes is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that will provide you with a quick, fast and efficient way to manage, edit and view your text files and rich text format (RTF) files.
Quick notes provides you with an intuitive and easy-to-use UI that has most of the settings displayed and spares the user of tab opening and searching.
The app’s features include text and paragraph formatting options, text highlighters, image support, text replacement, autosave button and more.
Quick notes can also print documents, can perform clipboard operations and it can also backup and restore data. On top of these, passwords protection boost its security capabilities, which comes in handy for users that need to work with sensitive data.
As a small note, if you do not have Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0 installed on your computer, Quick Notes will automatically install it for you.
To sum it up, Quick Notes is a small piece of software that can help you keep notes, edit text, print and protect documents and more. Its intuitive UI allows for a swift operation no matter the user’s technical skills.
Please click here to download.

Adobe® LiveCycle® Desktop
Access all features and resources of the document and application environments of the associated applications directly within the desktop publishing environment

LiveCycle Desktop provides the ability to access all features and resources of the document and application environments of the associated applications directly within the desktop publishing environment.
LiveCycle Desktop can access a wide range of components including all features and components of the hosted environment.
It can also manage plug-ins and features that are installed in the desktop publishing environment.

Adobe® LiveCycle® Workshop is a powerful, integrated document and application environment. The Adobe® LiveCycle® Workshop is a document solution that combines document authoring, publishing, and distribution with application services. LiveCycle® Workshop is an integrated environment designed to help you create, produce, and deliver content. It provides a server-based document management system that enables you to store, version, modify, and deliver content to users. It also provides an integrated rich text editor, a document workflow engine, a service-oriented architecture that makes it easy to configure, modify, and reuse the services, a web server with workflow manager capabilities, and a distributed document management system.

– Robust workflow capabilities allow you to create high-quality documents with powerful components for managing

What’s New in the?

Use Quick Notes to capture notes and ideas, and share them with others.
Add notes to each note, stick them, or place them on a note board.
Set a timer for when notes appear.
Quick Notes makes it easy to keep your notes organized. Use the new note board, sticky notes, and notes to stay organized.
Create new notes quickly, with keyboard shortcuts or with the timer.
Quick Notes lets you save your ideas and notes to files.
Save your ideas and notes to files, and view them on a large monitor or projector.
The new quick notes notes are powerful sticky notes that capture your ideas and make them easy to read, keep and share.
Work with sticky notes in the new note board, which looks like an old fashioned notebook.
Quick Notes makes it easy to create and print sticky notes. You can add text, graphics and audio to your sticky notes, and print them easily.
Quick Notes saves your ideas and notes to files, so you can save and share your thoughts.
Find your ideas and notes fast, with Quick Notes search.
Quick Notes helps you organize your notes and ideas, with an intuitive note board, notes and note lists.
Use your note boards to keep your ideas organized, and put them on the note board, sticky notes, or notes.
Notes can be automatically added to your note board, or by using the timer.
Quick Notes is so easy to use, you can create and print sticky notes in minutes.
Quick Notes lets you save your ideas and notes to files, and view them on a large monitor or projector.
Quick Notes lets you create new sticky notes, notes and note lists.

Portable Media Center is a free all-in-one media center solution for Windows. It’s main advantage is that you can use it as a simple media center or you can use all of its features for organizing and storing media.
It has a simple clean user interface, that is also a nice big screen for all of the media, the videos and photos that you store can be viewed on the screen or can be played, there is even a video player included that works with almost any video format. You can play a video file or browse a folder structure for other media.
Portable Media Center is a simple program that does the job it was designed for very well, but it also has some extra features that add a little extra to the overall usability and experience.
It works as a standard media center, offering many of the features you expect from such an application. For instance, the program allows you to navigate and play the music in your library or create a playlist, play movies, download podcasts or play videos.
There is even a slideshow feature that allows users to create slide shows. Some users might be disappointed that there is no advanced features to create slideshows, but it does have an image slideshow built-in

System Requirements For Quick Notes:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: P4 3.0Ghz or better
Memory: 2Gb
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
Hard Drive: 60Gb
Display: 1024×768 or higher
Network: DSL, Cable, ADSL
Additional Notes: Be sure to use the latest version of Star Wars Battlefront II. The beta version, released on 7th October 2014, has been removed from the App Store as part of a change in how new games are released in the store.


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