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Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is the email client that delivers.
Thunderbird New and Noteworthy. More details on the release and updating can be found in Thunderbird Bugzilla





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When to use a class vs global variable

Simple question, I have two classes (let’s call them A & B). A is the main gui. B is an applet to start on top of A.
Now, B can access only the local variables of A. I know this can be achieved in two ways:

If A is a regular class, create A’s variables in the constructor, then make the instance of A available to B.
Or, if A is a Frame, then make the instance of A available to B.

What I’m asking is, is there a way to make the instance of A available to B without using class A? Like this:
public class A {
private int a = 5;
private B b;

public A() {
b = new B();

public class B extends Frame{
private A a;

public B() {
a = new A();
//some other code


Couple issues:

public static void main(String[] args) {
A a = new A(); // Static? Why?

// In B
private A a;

// In B
public void init() {
a = new A();

It doesn’t make sense to make a static variable in class

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