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Comprehensive analysis of TIFY transcription factors and their expression profiles under the influence of jasmonic acid and abiotic stresses in watermelon.
In the course of the work, it was found that in the case of jasmone deficiency at the ripening stage, the concentration of the TIF-2 inhibitor increases in response to stress factors such as high temperature, endosperm infections and subsequent tuber transplantation, from which it can be concluded that the effect of this factor is selective.
The uniqueness of the obtained results lies in the fact that the features of activation of transcription factors from 5 main classes of DNA-binding N- and T-factors, which have the ability to selectively suppress DNA transcription in Streptomyces barbarinensis cells, were revealed.
The results of the study made it possible to substantiate recommendations for the introduction of modified soil mixtures into the tubers culture before planting, which would include clay, sand, and waste of mineral origin.
Relationships between the spectral lines of IFN-γ and intermolecular H+/H+ ions in the cell membranes of Strepsiphora strombatina and Swainsonia revoluta were also identified and documented.
Site news
03/08/2015 – In the “Events” section, we have added a new, very interesting and relevant event – the webinar “Lunar sowing calendar and lunar calendar of work in the country”. It will be held on April 22 at 12 noon Moscow time.
February 7, 2015 – a video recording of the seminar “Correct autumn processing of fruit trees” was added to the “Events” section, which will be held in Voronezh on October 18-19, 2014.
01/12/2015 – A new material “Successful sowing and cultivation of remontant raspberries” has been added to the “Site News” section.
12/24/2014 – in the section “Seeds of vegetables and flowers” a new material appeared – “Feeding tomatoes and cucumbers”.
December 13, 2014 New descriptions of potato varieties have been added to the section of the site “Meropyiteya”.They are arranged alphabetically and clearly systematized. In the section of the site “Repairing raspberry autumn varieties” the variety “Carmina F1” is described.



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