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This is a Web Browser. It supports most of the WAP based systems like PS3, LG, Sony. It supports the most frequently used browsers of the WAP based systems. It has a very simple interface and fast browsing. It comes with a built in FTP client.

Basic Features:

• Search
• Email
• WAP Mail
• WAP Bookmark
• WAP Favorite
• FTP Client
• Built-in Homepage
• Toolbar

Sockso Settings:

1. The site title is changed to a nice one, you can use your desired text.

3. You can set the changeable home page, it can also be customized.

4. It is provided with the FTP service, you can set your access password.

5. You can set the download server, you can also use a host name.

6. The download speed can be adjusted.

7. You can set the auto save path, it can also be customized.

8. The default time of auto save is 2 minutes.

9. You can turn the auto hide button on/off.

10. You can adjust the location of the address bar.

11. You can adjust the location of the status bar.

12. You can adjust the location of the back button.

13. You can change the location of the refresh button.

14. You can select your favorite text.

15. You can turn on/off the login page.

16. You can set the Maxthon users password.

17. You can show the WAP Web Bookmarks list.

18. You can show the WAP Web Favorites list.

19. You can set the default extension.

20. You can use your own set of default extensions.

21. You can set the default search engine.

22. You can add a comment box.

23. You can choose to turn off all toolbar.

24. You can add a user custom menu to the top toolbar.

25. You can edit a user custom menu.

26. You can choose to turn off the tab display.

27. You can add a WAP sidebar list.

28. You can add a WAP sidebar to the top panel.

29. You can make the default browser. d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is an active development tool for designing command macros for the text editors on your Mac.
KEYMACRO turns Mac text editors like TextMate and BBEdit into real full featured programming editors. You can write, debug, and run macro commands on the fly, and its full featured macro editor supports code templates, has a built in undo feature and lets you see the variable value of any text selection in the editor. It has a nice built-in syntax checker and is packed with other Mac text editor features.
Why do I need KEYMACRO?
When you work with all the different files formats on the Mac platform (including many text file formats), its easy to find yourself wishing there was a way to script all that stuff with a single text editor.
Now there is. Its called KEYMACRO and its designed to take any of your favorite text editing applications on the Mac and turn it into a real programming environment. You can run your favorite text editors as full programming environments, and create your own custom commands.
Mac text editors like TextMate and BBEdit are already programmable editors, but you cant script them with applescript or work in them in Xcode or other proprietary programming environments, without using applescript or the Scripting bridge.
Why not use applescript?
Admittedly, applescript can be very powerful and you can do quite a bit with it. For example, in applications like TextMate and BBEdit, apple scripts can open a new document, append a new line, and change the text of any selection in any document.
But this is not the same as actually running those commands in real time. If you write a command to run a text file in TextMate, you will never see the result of the execution until the application finishes executing the command. If you use applescript to open a new document and append a new line, then the new line will only appear after the entire applescript command has finished executing. This means that your script will always execute on a new document, even if you want it to execute on an existing file.
KEYMACRO is a tool that allows you to run any applescript or command in your text editor. In fact, its designed to run any command in any of the text editors on the Mac platform.
Instead of using applescript or Scripting bridge, KEYMACRO uses command scripting to make your text editor a real programming environment.
To use KEY

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