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KEYMACRO is a high-quality macro recorder tool that automatically generates macros for Microsoft Office compatible programs. The macros can be stored in the clipboard or saved to disk, where they can be executed directly from the Windows task bar, within Excel, Outlook or any other Office compatible program. KeyMACRO has several advantages compared to other recording tools:

KeyMACRO captures several commonly used macros, including Form-based Macros, VB/VBScript macros and ActiveX User-Defined Functions, as well as common keystrokes, mouse actions, DHTML controls and other events. The output records can be saved to a standard text file, copied to the clipboard, or stored in the registry (Windows XP).

KeyMACRO can work on single or multiple Office programs, capturing macros from all opened windows at the same time. The user interface for the tool is accessible by pressing the ‘Record’ button on the standard ribbon toolbar. All recorded macros are automatically highlighted on the screen for direct access.

KeyMACRO allows you to capture macros with non-destructive recording mode. This is useful for capturing the logic of a macro and to record the keystrokes and mouse actions, such as formatting, inserting columns or pages, inserting charts or inserting pictures. You can stop recording at any time and resume it later.

You can record individual or multiple macros. Each recorded macro can be executed as a standalone macro or saved to disk, copied to the clipboard or stored in the registry. The same macro can be used for multiple Office programs.

Macro speed and performance
KeyMACRO is designed to work efficiently on all types of computers, and your recorded macros will be highly efficient. Macros are recorded in their “macro logic” state (as it is executed). This provides faster and better performance for repeated macros.

KeyMACRO is an Excel add-in and installs itself as a new menu item on the Excel ribbon toolbar.

Useful Features:

Automatic macro detection. The macro detection is based on the macro logic itself and all macros will be detected by a single click. KeyMACRO will not provide you with any extra functionality, but will only work properly with the macros recorded on the Microsoft Office products that you use.

Record multiple macros. You can record multiple macros, which are then saved to disk and used at a later stage of recording.

Easy macro editing. KeyMACRO allows you to edit all macros and 384a16bd22

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* Streaming HTTP Support for HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.0 over TCP
* Unicode 8.0 Support
* UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-16BE Content Encoding
* International Language Support
* HTTP Digest Authentication Support
* HttpProxy Support
* HTTP Keep-Alive Support
* B.I.B.P. Support
* SSL (TLS/IKE) Support
* Session Management and Related Techniques
* I18N (internationalization) Support
* Custom and Community Websites (Binaries, Forums, Documentation, Etc.)
* Development Environment Support
* Flexible Content Format Support
* HttpProxy Support
* Vary: Accept-Encoding
* Many other high quality features





**User Guide**





## License

## Status

## Related


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