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» Compute a key for a given string
» Produces a 128-bit key for a given string, using the MD5 or SHA1 algorithms
» Generates a key using the MD5 or SHA1 algorithms for the MD5 or SHA1 hashes
» Generates a 128-bit key using the MD5 or SHA1 algorithms for the MD5 or SHA1 hashes

Overall rating: 5 of 5



by Unknown


When it comes to choosing software, it is always worth trying out something that may be different from what you are used to. That is certainly the case with Password Hasher, which certainly stands out from the crowd of password hash generators. The developers weren’t afraid to put some of their own ideas into practice, and the result is a program that could be something very special.

Password Hasher is a compact and neat piece of software that allows you to generate 128-bit password hashes using the MD5 and SHA1 hash functions. You can generate one of these hashes for each string that is entered, in multiple directions and even add some text to the algorithm’s output. The last four lines produce a long string of digits that you can use as your password, which comes in handy if you need to remember long passwords.

While this program is far from a complex utility, some of its features are indeed rather unusual. For example, you can select a specific string to be processed, or rather select multiple strings to be processed as well. Other features include the ability to generate several hashes for a single input and the ability to process a file as well. These features are definitely a welcome addition, as they open up new ways to use this tool.

After you start using Password Hasher, you will be very impressed with how it can simplify the process of generating a strong password. Furthermore, it is not only easy to use, but it also offers a very compact user interface and it even includes a friendly icon that can be used as a launcher. It is not a program that will leave a trace behind either, as the only files that remain on your computer are a temporary directory and the input.

Other utilities are a bit more complex, but Password Hasher is definitely a unique program that deserves your attention.

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Näkyy, mikä ImRe välilehdelle antaa arvon: 100 = tasaajuinen; 99 = pätkinyt, 0 = olematta testattu
ImRe is a simple software program whose sole purpose is to resize images. You can use it to prepare pictures for banners, buttons, avatars and other web-related sources.
The GUI of the application is represented by a regular window with a well-organized layout, where you can import images by using either the file browser or folder view (“drag and drop” is not supported). Working with multiple pics simultaneously is possible.
ImRe supports plenty of image formats, such as JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, EMF and WMF. So, all you have to do is establish the output directory, width, height and measurement unit (pixels or percent), and proceed with the resizing operation.
The program also has the ability of converting images to other file types, so all you have to do is select a preferred format from the drop-down menu.
ImRe runs on a low-to-moderate amount of system memory and CPU, hence it shouldn’t put a strain on the computer’s overall performance. It has a good response time, finishes a resizing job rapidly and delivers a good image quality after conversion.
No error dialogs have been shown throughout our evaluation, since the tool did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to its intuitive layout and functionality, first-time users can quickly get familiarized with ImRe.

And there you go. Unless you have a suitable image converter for Linux (IrfanView, PhotoView, GIMP, etc.) I highly recommend Acorn ( It is a powerful image- and photo-editing program with a very nice user interface (GUI).

I use to convert my images to jpg every time, but it takes a long time. The delay is when I add large brushes, which means taking long. If you set the default size to 4×4, it is fast.

If you don’t mind the delay, this program is amazing. It has helped me to convert a lot of images, with and without other programs, even batches.

And there you go. Unless you have a suitable image converter for Linux (Irfan

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