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Avast Download For Windows 7 64 Bit Avast Download For Windows 8 64 Bit Avast Download For Windows 8.1 64 Bit. Filename, file extension, date and time of download, software version, file size.The extreme right-wing World Congress of Families (WCF) has released a list of the “baby names on the rise” for 2013, along with a very strangely sexist explanation as to why they have come to be so popular.

Published on the WCF website, ‘The Rise of the New Middle Class’, the list identifies the rising number of parents choosing names like Ava, Dillion, Grayson and Logan in 2013. However, the site says that the reason for the popularity of these names is the “strong demand for baby names, especially among the young”.

Of course, no further elaboration or analysis is provided to explain why there has been a strong ‘demand for baby names’, let alone which particular baby names are being chosen by parents at the moment.

Elsewhere on the WCF website, a column about ‘Baby Name Week’ links back to the ‘Rise of the New Middle Class’ as the “second red light on the road to the dreaded Obama/Muslim-led sexual revolution”. It goes on to say that the popularity of names like Ava and Liam are “symptoms of the divorce between the nature of male-female relationships and the sexual revolution now being forced down our throats”.

In the column on the rise of ‘Ava’, the WCF also links this name to the fact that “almost half of all children in America today live in homes where mothers are unmarried”.

Ava is, in fact, the name of a song which stars Pink and Avril Lavigne’s father, David, one of the more positively named divorced parents for the year.

However, despite the WCF’s considerable apologising for their previous somewhat unpleasant references to gender equality and family planning, many of the names on the list continue to allow sexist stereotypes to stand.


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Human-rights activists say 15 people have been killed in a military operation in Zambia. The South African-based human-rights group Action for Southern Africa says a masked woman died after being shot in the head in her home, but the government says she died in a traffic accident. Human-rights group were denied access to the site.

The United Nations Security Council has failed to agree on a statement condemning the violence by Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabweans in Matabeleland. Zimbabwe says the last week’s deadly violence is not a regional problem, but rather the continuing siege of Harare by militant Zimbabwean opposition parties, which are holding the current president and three cabinet ministers.Q:

Drag handler works in a div but not a container

I’m implementing a drag and drop in a framework. I’ve found some good tutorials and have combined some of them. In the end, my code looks something

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