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The aim of this study was to investigate the association between self-esteem and health status of adults, and to examine whether the self-esteem-health association could be explained by common underlying constructs. The study was performed among 1,497 adults aged ≥ 20 years from the Health 2000 study (Sweden). Self-esteem and psychological wellbeing were measured using the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSE) and the Five-Faceted Well-Being Model (FFB), respectively. Self-esteem was negatively associated with psychological distress, poor health, somatic symptoms, anxiety and fatigue. Higher self-esteem was associated with higher levels of activity engagement and less severe physical limitations. Conversely, self-esteem was positively correlated with extroversion and conscientiousness. The health-related and wellbeing components of FFB interacted with self-esteem. Intention to treat analyses showed that the association of self-esteem with perceived health, anxiety, depression, activity engagement, and existential well-being was the same in individuals with high or low self-esteem, suggesting that the effect of self-esteem on health is independent of the self-esteem level. The negative association between self-esteem and somatic symptoms and the positive association with extroversion and conscientiousness were stronger in people with low self-esteem. Self-esteem-health associations seem to occur independently of self-esteem level. Thus, self-esteem is associated with positive and negative components of psychological wellbeing. However, the present study provides little support for the social investment hypothesis explaining a lower wellbeing in persons with low self-esteem.Q:

Python, write a dataframe to a csv file with “” in the table name

Can I write a dataframe into csv with the “”



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In connection with the government’s witness, James H. Giannaris, the prosecutor had the following colloquy with the court:
Mr. Sullivan:… Would you let him [Giannaris] in?
The Court: Who?
Mr. Sullivan: The potential witness.
The Court: All right.
Mr. Sullivan: Your Honor, I think it would be highly prejudicial to the defendant. I have no evidence at the moment other than the Prosecutor’s statement that he has information that James H. Giannaris would be a witness and he has been in communication with him, he is a cousin.
The Court: Well, the Prosecutor is making that statement, not the Defense Counsel.
Mr. Sullivan: He is going to ask him the same questions that he’s asked me, that would be highly prejudicial to the Defendant.
The Court: Well, now, if that is the case, if it is necessary to bring the witness in, I will do it, but I want to have a mistrial at this point.
Mr. Sullivan: He hasn’t yet given me the name, Your Honor. I do not know.
Mr. Sullivan: The witness, Your Honor, has related to me that he will be a witness and that he has been in contact with the defendant.
The Court: It is up to you, if you want to go forward with the trial, to decide if you want to go forward with it.

The court’s reference to Mr. Sullivan’s role as the prosecutor’s agent was not made in connection with any issue of the defendant’s identity. The colloquy was given in response to Mr. Sullivan’s contention that the prosecutor was


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