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Does this fix your problem?


You can also use this method.
You can select your OpenSSL file where the exec script is
And update PATH in this file so it finds the openssl command.
export PATH


adding the following to my.bashrc will help
export PATH

and adding the following in my Executable file solved my problem

I’m not sure why this was different for me but it is, if you have openssl installed on your system make sure you run:
openssl version -a

and check if it returns
OpenSSL 1.0.2c 10 Jan 2014

Hopefully this would help someone in future!


Apeiron is the name of a planet located in the Apeiron star system. It was once the fourth planet in the solar system, as it was once home to the fourth planet of the Apeiron star, the former planet Apeiron.

Following the ejection of Apeiron, the planet was left alone in a region of space nearly devoid of planets. Its surface temperature was kept low by the energy of Apeiron’s blasts, and thus assumed a crystalline structure, as crystals tend to melt at lower temperatures than glass. The atmosphere of the planet eventually warmed the planet to a more typical temperature. As time passed, new crystals of various sizes were formed and built up into one of the largest conglomerates in the system. As the planet’s surface cooled, the conglomerates cracked and split apart. This process created a vast number of smaller, flatter conglomerates that became known as the Apeironian Plains.

Following the breakup of Apeiron, the planet is split into approximately ten primordial chunks, which are often referred to as islands, or simply islets.

The three largest of these chunks,

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