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4K video streaming to AirPlay at 60fps with X-Mirage

Password protect X-Mirage connection

Record voice audio from X-Mirage input

Easily mirror iPhone or iPad to computer screen

AirPlay mirroring and streaming iOS device on Mac/Windows

A powerful and reliable X-Mirage driver that can deliver high-quality (4K) video to your AirPlay devices. X-Mirage is a powerful and easy-to-use software solution that will let you easily monitor and remotely control any Apple device from another Windows or Mac computer. X-Mirage can record and stream 4K video from iPad or iPhone cameras, Apple TV, smart TVs, or audio-only content from Apple devices such as iPod and iPad.
Key features
(1) Create and manage X-Mirage profiles for controlling your AirPlay devices
(2) Enhance your video streaming quality by setting a profile for the video output
(3) Record and stream video (with or without audio) from any Apple device
(4) Support H.264 video compression standard
(5) Retrieve the device’s IP address
(6) Easily manage your AirPlay profiles
(7) Improve the viewing experience of your streaming video
(8) Create password-protected and secure connections
(9) Connect to multiple X-Mirage receivers simultaneously
(10) Optimize video output to your AirPlay device (The 4K option uses more resources)
(11) Enable simultaneous video and audio broadcasting
(12) Cast, mirror, or stream your video to any Apple device over Wi-Fi and without an internet connection
(13) Stream audio directly to your AirPlay device (use the audio input)
(14) Stream video and audio between two computers

This module has been created as a simple example of a way to mirror an iPhone 4 onto your computer. It works with a new 0.9 build.
To mirror the iPhone 4 onto your computer, first start up iTunes and login to your AppleID.
1. Navigate to this module’s page on the OHA website.
2. Wait for the html to load.
3. Click the “Create Now” button to download the module.
4. Wait for the download to complete. It should be around 15 MB.
5. In the top right corner, uncheck the “Locked” box. You will need to toggle this

X-Mirage Crack+ Free License Key PC/Windows

Cracked X-Mirage With Keygen is a software utility that enables you to bring the activity from your Apple device on your personal computer, by acting as an intermediary AirPlay server between you and the iPad or iPhone.
By doing so, you are able to broadcast in real time everything that you do on the mobile device, complete with full-HD resolutions and high-quality images.
The application is also able to optimize the AirPlay display size, in order to offer the best possible quality levels when it comes to image fidelity, so that you can enjoy crystal-clear pictures regardless of the content you are viewing. In addition, you can also view the IP address of the device, which informs you about any connectivity issues.
Password-protect the connection and receive lossless sound output
Beside the video stream, X-Mirage also receives any sound output from the connected device, which can be improved by adding an extra lossless AirPlay server to handle only the audio part of the transmission. In addition, you can also voice-over the stream by activating the microphone function, which captures your speech and sends it to the computer.
In order to protect the mirroring session, the utility allows you to add a password protection and request a secret code before accepting any connections to your PC. That way, you can avoid other devices from streaming on your screen and prevent any unauthorized access to your AirPlay server.
X-Mirage Features:
Password protection for a secure mirroring session
Initiate mirroring via quick controls
Configure any language
View the IP address of the device
Configure lossless audio and video streams
Change the video resolution and capture lossless audio
Settings and preferences
Capture and download shots for you or another
Eliminate choppy or broken video streams
Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad (3rd-generation and above)
Software Requirements:
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
2 GB HD Space
100 MB of free space for System Volume Information
51.1 MB of free space for Recent Documents
110 MB of free space for Safari Caches
1 GB of free space for Temporary Internet Files
1 GB of free space for Ease of Access Data
20 MB for font files
100 MB for iMovie Libraries
Apply X-Mirage Coupons
X-Mirage provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows

X-Mirage Serial Key [Updated]

– Supports video capture and streaming from: iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch
– Supports video mirroring from: iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch
– Built-in lossless server to receive audio for better sound quality
– Key features:
– Easily mirror your iPad / iPhone / iPod on your desktop PC
– View video without waiting for it to buffer
– Password protect your connection
– Mirror video in full-HD 1080p/720p/etc. resolution
– Supports multiple resolutions simultaneously
– Supports IP address display
– Monitor and control your connection from your desktop PC (only supported on PC version)
– Allows you to capture and stream audio from the connected device
– Receives video output from connected devices

With a large screen size, better content-filtering options and a better interface, the $150 Roku Ultra is an excellent streaming device.
Although it’s priced higher than some competitors such as Apple TV and Fire TV, it’s equipped with a large number of streaming options that make it the most complete streaming box on the market. In addition, Roku offers an excellent interface, providing easier ways to find and play your content, with many well-known TV shows and movies available through its channel store.
Roku is a completely open-source platform, meaning that its app store and features are all accessible to everyone. It’s also a well-established player in the streaming market, thus there are a lot of third-party apps available to use with it. However, with so many third-party options out there, and your favorite streaming apps not yet available on Roku, it may take some time to find exactly what you need.
Here are some of the best movies and shows that you can watch on Roku Ultra, along with suggestions for other content that you might enjoy.
Comparing streaming boxes
When looking at Roku’s competitors, there are a number of factors to consider, such as content, features, interface, apps, supported devices, and price. In general, Roku offers the most robust content options, while Apple TV tends to have the best interface.
However, many of Roku’s competitors offer a larger selection of movies and shows than Roku does, with Apple TV having the most, followed by Fire TV, Google TV, and Chromecast. Although Roku does offer over 2,000 movie and TV episodes available through its store, compared to Apple TV’s more than 5,000, and Chromecast’s just over 5,000, these smaller numbers don’t mean Roku is

What’s New in the X-Mirage?

With X-Mirage, you can mirror videos from your iPad or iPhone on your computer. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device, and the installation process is extremely simple and quick. You need to download the latest X-Mirage 1.3.2 and run it.
X-Mirage Features:
• Detailed Configuration Wizard:
• Simple and effortless, the configuration process requires only a couple of taps to start mirroring on your computer.
• Setup account:
• There is a free account, but you can also pay for a premium subscription.
• Check your connection:
• The application can be installed on any Windows PC, Mac, or Linux machine.
• Run X-Mirage by pressing the button located on the left-hand side, which opens it.
• In addition, you can add a password that will be required to access the server.
• Stream your display to your television:
• Because of the lossless audio-only receiver, you will not need a second device to receive the sound.
• Display IP address:
• The IP address of the device will be displayed so that you can troubleshoot any connection problems.
• Audio streaming:
• The application supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks to stream your videos and receive the sound.
• Saves time:
• An automatic file backup will occur in order to save you a lot of time if the connection was lost.
• Option to view your battery:
• In case the connection is lost, the remaining battery level is displayed.
• Maintenance:
• Other utility options are available, such as:
• 4K videos supported
• 50% volume available during the mirroring session
• Clean up your history and cache:
• The application allows you to delete and clean the history and cache, even after the session is completed.
• Mouse support:
• The application supports the mouse to control the mirroring session and make it easier to navigate through your apps and files.
X-Mirage is available in the Mac App Store for $9.99 and the Windows App Store for $9.99.

]]> Assistant is coming to Macs


System Requirements:

Please note that it is also possible to reduce FPS while keeping frame-rate at a reasonable number with the proper settings.
You will need at least 512 MB of VRAM to experience full-duplex and holograms in VR. 256 MB is strongly recommended. If the game is running on a computer with less VRAM, you may experience artifacts or loss of graphical quality, which can be solved by increasing the amount of VRAM in the computer. (For Windows PCs: Right-click on your desktop, click on Properties, click on


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