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Download 🆗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






SecureBlackbox For Java Free

SecureBlackbox for Java Free Download, is a comprehensive suite of security components for Java applications designed to protect your servers and data, from the application level to the operating system.
Enterprise security is important to people who work with sensitive information. SecureBlackbox for Java helps protect systems from outside attacks and provides other important security features such as:
· Access Control
· Encryption
· Role Based Access Controls
· Password Management
· Secure Proxy / Gateway
· Security Auditing
SecureBlackbox has been tested with:
· Sun JRE 6, 7 and 8
· Oracle JRE 6, 7 and 8
· OpenJDK
· Microsoft JRE
· Microsoft Windows
· Linux
· Internet Explorer 9
· Safari 3
· Opera 10
· Firefox 3
· Chrome 10
· Internet Explorer 8
· Firefox 3.6
· Chrome 13
SecureBlackbox for Java is suitable for all current and future JRE versions and JDK versions.
SecureBlackbox supports the following platforms:
· Unix
· Windows
· Linux
SecureBlackbox for Java, offers fully integrated components to protect your data and servers from outside attacks. All the components are independent, can be mixed and matched to create a highly flexible security environment.
SecureBlackbox supports the following protocols:
· FTP-SSL – files are transferred securely using FTP and FTP-over-SSL (also known as FTPS or FTP/SSL)
· SSL-TLS – Secure network traffic using SSL and TLS (Secure Socket Layer, Transport Layer Security)
· OpenPGP – digitally sign and verify files, manage keys and keyrings
· SSH – execute remote command and execute SSH programs
· SFTP – Securely transfer files over SSH
· SMTP – secure mail communications over TCP
· POP3 – retrieve and send email messages over TCP
· IMAP – retrieve and send email messages over TCP
· PGP – digitally sign and verify files, manage keys and keyrings
· MIME – compose and parse MIME messages with optional S/MIME or PGP/MIME security extensions
· OpenSSL – SSL and TLS protocols
· OASIS MessageEncoding (MES) – compose and parse MES messages with optional S/MIME or PGP/MIME security extensions
SecureBlackbox can be used with JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications or regular Servlets and JSP.

SecureBlackbox For Java [Win/Mac]

SecureBlackbox for Java is based on currently used cryptographic algorithms and strong encryption algorithms. As SecureBlackbox for Java uses native Java classes most of the encryption and security aspects are already handled by the Java platform, providing maximum portability. 
SecureBlackbox for Java includes both RSA and DSA (old and new) public key algorithms, Secure Black Box Encryption of the PGP and MIME standard and X.509 certificates, PKCS#1 and PKCS#7 signatures, other public key algorithms and strong digital signature algorithms. 
SecureBlackbox for Java is based on the Open Source SecureBlackBox component collection created by K. Kang (under the GPL version 3 license). The source code for the collection is included in the distribution package.

SecureBlackbox has been designed to be flexible and configurable. The components can be used individually or in combination to fulfill a specific task.

Versions of the components were provided for Windows and Linux for compatibility with all browsers. However, the components are provided as binaries only.

The components depend on Java SE 1.6 or 1.7. Other versions of Java are not supported.
There is no separate installation needed. SecureBlackbox for Java components are integrated in the user’s existing JRE.

Prerequisites for SecureBlackbox for Java Installation:
SecureBlackbox requires Java SE 1.6 or 1.7. The compilation of SecureBlackbox for Java requires JDK 1.6 or 1.7. Check your Java installation. Windows: Control Panel –> Java –> Java (or Java Control Panel). Sun JRE 1.6 or 1.7 is already included with the latest version of Windows Vista and later. Linux: $sudo apt-get install 
SecureBlackbox for Java components are compiled for Linux based on their own packages and libraries. The compiled binaries are provided in deinstallable.rpm or.deb packages. On Linux the components are managed by dpkg using APT. Sun JRE 1.6 or 1.7 is already included with the latest version of Linux.

Install SecureBlackbox for Java components on Linux using the following steps:

1. Install a supported JDK. If the components are provided in.rpm or.deb packages then install these packages.
2. Install SecureBlackbox for Java components using the following commands: 
$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get

SecureBlackbox For Java Free

[Backend Projects]( for Java

This is a collection of Java back-end projects. There are 100+ different projects listed here.

What’s New in the?

SecureBlackbox for Java provides the following core facilities:
o Secure data interchange – encrypted data passing between applications, communication with the same process from two different sockets or file systems or encryption and decryption using standard cryptographic schemes
o Data security – data is encrypted while in transit through the network and data can be stored in encrypted form (very suitable for sensitive data such as credit card information)
o Data signing – data can be digitally signed in a way that assures the authenticity and integrity of the data
o Cryptographic API in Java – the algorithms used in SecureBlackbox for Java are based on the most widely used and trusted cryptographic standards and cryptographic libraries
o Transparent cryptography – transparently connects data storage (e.g., database) to file system to communication channel (Sockets)
o Data storage – encrypted files can be stored on the file system (no need to keep copy in memory) or in the database (data can be versioned)
o Data access – SecureBlackbox for Java provides access to data not only on the file system or in the database but also in the object oriented system or in the web service. Access can be secured through the use of secure protocols, cryptographic operations and data signing
o Web services – SecureBlackbox for Java provides the most secure access to services and allows to secure e-commerce, banking and other applications
o Digital signatures and public key infrastructure – SecureBlackbox for Java implements security services with cryptographic operations and gives you access to PKI services
o Encryption algorithms – the algorithms used in SecureBlackbox for Java are based on the most widely used and trusted cryptographic standards and cryptographic libraries
o MIME/S/MIME/PGP/PKI – SecureBlackbox for Java supports both the MIME and S/MIME standards (e.g., emails) and X.509 standard for public and private key management
o SecureBlackbox for Java works with all the different Java versions from Java 1.2.x
o Java SE 6 compliant components are supported
o Limited support for JCE
o Bouncy Castle and Cryptocompare support

SecureBlackbox for Java also provides several core functions:
o Provides the ability to securely transfer data between the programs, processes, or different machines
o Provides the capability to create secure FTP connections to remote servers using either standard FTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or SSH (Secure Shell) protocols
o Provides a set of classes that allows you to create your own SFTP or SSH server

System Requirements:

– OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
– Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
– Memory: 8GB RAM
– Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent
– DirectX: Version 11
– Hard Drive: 35GB free space
– Input: Keyboard, mouse
– Video Output: 1280x720p HD
– Resolution: 1680×1050
– Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
– Network: Broadband Internet connection
– Additional: USB–X64.pdf

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