Telecharger Gratuit Covadis En Francais

Telecharger Gratuit Covadis En Francais


Telecharger Gratuit Covadis En Francais

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The research achieved some interesting results, showing that it would take a few minutes for an intelligent system to determine what it would take to ask just about any question that could be an instruction to a human with no prior knowledge of the subject. In response to a question about the use of 3 dimensional models to reinforce the study of Earth science, students were asked to select a globe at random and explain how it worked.


The paper did not specifically test the use of non-verbal methods to help students do this, the downside is that this would probably be a less familiar way for students to learn the subject. They then went on to devise a simple way of measuring the satisfaction of students with the tutors using a questionnaire.

The study also revealed some minor issues with the tutors: some were unwilling to explain the subject to the students, while others were found to think that some of the rules of grammar were already known to the students. The researchers found a marked gender difference in the way that the students dealt with the tutors.

Teachers normally speak at a level that is above what is known to the students and this made the tutors feel inadequate. This made them think about asking questions that the students could not understand, or making comments that were too advanced for the students. The tutors were also sometimes seen to be using neutral comments that did not help the students to understand the subject.

Students had a rather different take on the tutors, the tutor who seemed to do the best job was a male who was able to find common ground in the subject area between the students and the tutor. He talked about things the students already knew, things that were not explicitly

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