DAEMON Tools Pro Utorrent

DAEMON Tools Pro Utorrent



DAEMON Tools Pro Utorrent

Toggle navigation übersicht zu neun runden Stäben, an dem man den Kalender auf dem eigenen PC brennen kann. The only drawback to this is that you can only set one folder to kick off the task, meaning you couldn t force your computer to search a different folder every time. Its 64-bit edition contains features typically missing in a 32-bit installer, including:. Retrieving a list of global VCS users.

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The latest version of Daemon Tools Pro 13 also marks the introduction of multi-language interfaces for both the options and informational windows. The toolbar can be customized to suit individual needs. The interface is still rather straightforward and uses two columns to display and manage files, folders, torrents and streams. Everything is accessed via a toolbar. A second column is reserved for status notifications. The status and activity window is packed with information about the latest uploads and downloads.

On the left side, you will find a number of upload tabs, search tool, torrent preferences, a toolbar for disabling and restoring specific features and a search field. On the right side, you can toggle between a torrent details, upload statistics, downloads, progress notifications or pause a torrent. Various context menus allow you to manage a torrent, view an individual file or a folder, pause the download or resume.

A torrent can be paused at any time by right-clicking its icon and choosing pause or delete torrent. There are no delete torrent options. Daemon Tools Pro supports a comprehensive security interface. File permissions can be enforced at the torrent level, for specific torrents or for the entire torrent location.

The latest version of Daemon Tools Pro 13 also introduces torrent metadata. This is another very useful feature, especially for those sharing large number of files. Torrent metadata is currently stored in the binary information of files and is transferred across the P2P network during the download process.

Since it is stored inside the torrent file, it is immune to file changes or changes to the torrent itself. The torrent metadata format is very small and is stored inside the hash, comment and peers fields. The torrent metadata extension was added to Daemon Tools 13 via an optional update. The metadata editor has also been improved, allowing you to select between separate fields to store single values and sets of values. It is also possible to re-order fields to suit your needs.

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