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It is noted that AutoCAD is not just a word processor. It has many features and settings. While it is designed to work with 2D drawings, it is possible to draw 3D objects and 2D views inside a 3D model.

AutoCAD is a vector-based application, meaning that objects can be redrawn or resized and the exact position of the new object in the drawing does not change. The AutoCAD program is integrated with other design applications, allowing users to work on drawings in context of other applications such as architectural design, mechanical design, electrical design, civil engineering, surveying, and landscaping.

Why AutoCAD is used for designing

AutoCAD is used for architectural drawing, mechanical design, civil engineering, construction, landscape design and planning. Since this CAD is software oriented, it helps the user to use information in a better manner.

In computerized systems, AutoCAD is an excellent design tool that enables the use of information, helps in data analysis, provides access to data and information, and assists in visualizing the information.

How AutoCAD works

AutoCAD works on the concept of coordination of objects and features, which are called linked objects. When an object is moved, all objects linked to it are moved. If a feature is moved, all objects with that feature are moved. This provides for changing of the object or the feature, while leaving the drawing area unaltered.

AutoCAD comes with many features that help designers in keeping track of objects, features, and their parameters. It also helps in editing properties, applying shapes to forms, using guides, in importing and exporting drawings, and creating and modifying drawings.

With the help of AutoCAD, one can create and edit drawings and improve productivity by taking advantage of these tools.

Features of AutoCAD

Some of the most important features of AutoCAD are:

Creation of drawing

AutoCAD is designed to create 2D drawings. However, it can create 3D drawings, 2D views, and 3D models in AutoCAD.


In AutoCAD, you can add various annotations to the drawing. These annotations can be text or other types.

Annotation can be in 3D and 2D format. For example, you can create 3D annotations, 2D annotations, and arrows in 3D, and text

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Autodesk Research

Autodesk Research is the research arm of Autodesk, and in 2006 the division had some 45,000 employees.

In 2006 Autodesk Research claimed in a trade press interview that it had 50,000 registered developers. In 2009 the organization claims to be “developing solutions for architecture, construction, construction management, and manufacturing design applications.”

In 2012, Autodesk Research claimed to have over 3,000 registered developers. In 2014 the total was over 10,000 developers and “the majority of solutions are for software developers”.

The Autodesk Research group began in 1989. The name was chosen to represent the advanced research and development the group did. The original research and development was around engineering, such as working on metal forming software and industrial design software. In the 1990s the group developed a suite of CAD software. Since then it has expanded into a wide range of software products.

In 1997 a software development platform for the Atom microprocessor was announced. The platform included three layers: hardware, operating system, and application. The application would have integrated all aspects of an application. An example of an application was designing an electronic circuit.

In 1998 the Autodesk Research organization began releasing a software platform called Project Portfolio Management.

The first commercial release of Virtual Building was for ArchiCAD in 2003.

A significant milestone in Autodesk Research was the announcement of NX in 2012. It was originally intended to be based on the Navisworks platform, which was later renamed to Revit. The product included a new 3D modeling, design, and fabrication system. It was officially announced at the 2012 AECOM conference.

In the Summer of 2016, Autodesk Research began a new platform called “Azure”. It was supposed to be an easy-to-use cloud platform. Its first application was an open-source integration toolkit called Prometheus.

1989 – Autodesk Research formed by splitting off from Autodesk
1997 – developed the world’s first Autodesk research solutions for the Atom microprocessor
1998 – Atom operating system for microprocessors, based on Linux
1999 – first Autodesk research software, TurboCAD, for programming the Atom microprocessor
2000 – first Autodesk research software, ExForce, for modeling in engineering applications
2001 – first Autodesk research software, Altium Designer for PCB design software

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Configurable AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts:

You can configure your AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to use the mouse to select toolpaths.

Configurable tool command shortcut assignments:

You can assign shortcuts to the tools you want.

Enhanced import feedback:

You can receive import feedback in the same way as you import files. Markup Import helps you automatically detect errors in your imported files and has a matching error rating on the import dialog that you can use to assess the problem.

Voice recognition for AutoCAD:

You can use your computer’s microphone for voice commands.

Callout deletion:

You can delete callouts with the Show/Hide command.

Display of the bounding box of selected objects:

When you select objects in the drawing area, the box that defines their boundaries is displayed.

Multi-digit precision for drawing with snap:

You can define precision when using snap to draw, so your drawings will appear with fewer line segments and maintain their accuracy.

Improved performance for the Dynamic Components command:

Performance for the Dynamic Components command has been improved, saving time when you perform common tasks.

Improved drawing accuracy in large drawings:

You can perform important tasks quickly by placing the drawing at an edge. AutoCAD now remembers the starting and ending points of the edge and automatically follows the edge through the drawing area. The application performs certain tasks more efficiently.

Bounding box and edge guides for planimetric shapes:

You can create planimetric shapes with unique geometric attributes, including bounding boxes and edge guides. You can then use these elements to ensure that your drawings are drawn correctly.

Enhanced paper space representation:

You can add polylines to the paper space that represent the edges of the paper space. You can draw a polyline with a 3D perspective, and you can use the Edit Drawing pane to add 3D polylines.

Enhanced drawing area:

You can select and resize the drawing area with a single mouse action, allowing you to easily manipulate large drawings.

New Ink tools:

You can create better drawings with Ink tools, such as the Ink Brush, Ink Selection, and Ink Tool.

New two-dimensional (2D) tools:

You can quickly remove layers from drawings, reorder layers, and reposition objects on a 2D drawing surface.

New full-

System Requirements:

The NVIDIA® Optix™ Ultimate 11.1 integrated graphics are required for installation. NVIDIA® Optix™ Ultimate 11.1 integrated graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730 (2 GB GDDR5) or higher.
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* Features of NVIDIA® Optix™ Ultimate 11.1 integrated graphics are dependent upon licensing agreement for NVIDIA® Optix™ Ultimate 11.1, an NVIDIA® GPU driver and/or operating system software update.
* For more information on the features of NVIDIA® Optix™ Ultimate 11.1 and for specifications,

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