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Using a “dynamic” HTTP header value in a request

I was wondering how I can go about doing what is noted in the image below.
Basically, the idea is that the back end will respond with the header before it reads the actual data, and then put the information in a value.
I know I can use the “cookie” (which is a static) on the server side to fill in the other values, but is there a way to do it on the client side, such as the cookies are?
If not, could someone explain why it’s not possible to add a dynamic header value as seen in the image? Thanks.
I just wanted to make it clear, I’m using the WebSockets library in the client-side javascript, which makes it more difficult for me to use the cookies in this way.


If you’re using the WebSocket library, the best solution is to send the API request, then wait for a response, then parse it and put the info in the right place.


The answer was found at
Basically, it’s not possible to add the value after the actual request is sent.

It is known that bacterial cellulose is used as a material for biomedical use such as a filler for medical use, a biomaterial for medical use and the like, since it has high biocompatibility. Bacterial cellulose has such a structure that a cellulose molecule is subjected to and bound with a linker such as a polypeptide chain and the like.
Here, the linker has a higher reactivity than a cellulose molecule. Bacterial cellulose is further subjected to a peptidase digestion. Therefore, a material that does not contain a linker is expected.
Known is a method of producing a bacterial cellulose free of a linker, by using a strain with inactivation of the peptid

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