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Hierarchy Chart supports the creation of different levels and can be used as “Sorting pane” and “Visualiser pane”. This chart is used to display a hierarchical structure and the data at a specific node can be changed dynamically in order to reflect the modifications at the higher levels. The root node is the origin of the hierarchy (chosen by the user) and the rest of the nodes are its children. The display order is determined by the sort order. The user can choose the lowest visible node level by choosing an appropriate value for ‘Min visible level’.
The level numbers and the names of the nodes are displayed in the “Visualiser pane”.
At each level the data can be modified by the user by choosing an appropriate data field. The exact data value is then shown in the “Visualiser pane”.
There are many other options to alter the display. The hierarchy can be modified at runtime. All changes are immediately reflected in the “Visualiser pane”.
New nodes can be added at any level and their attributes can be changed as well. This is also immediately reflected in the “Visualiser pane”.
Modifying the “Visualiser pane” is always immediate. Modifying the hierarchy is immediately reflected in the “Visualiser pane” as well.
The “Visualiser pane” and the structure can be resized at runtime.
Dynamic changes of the hierarchy are also reflected in the “Visualiser pane” and in the “Sorting pane” as well.
The user can choose the lowest visible level of the chart.
New nodes can be added or deleted.
The order of the nodes can be changed.
The data at each level can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
The parent of each node is automatically created when a new level is added and an appropriate name is chosen. This is useful for updating the data at the highest level.
Some node level options can be modified at runtime.
For example, the location of the node can be modified at runtime. The attribute can be changed as well.
New columns and rows can be added.
The data can be filtered.
The maximum depth of the hierarchy can be set.
The “Visualiser pane” and the structure can be temporarily toggled off.
The “Sorting pane” is a real 3D pane that can be used to toggle any node in the hierarchy.
The real 3D scene contains 3D layers. Each layer is always viewed from a specified 3D rotation. Changing the rotation of 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a fast, free and powerful text expansion tool with dozens of macros built in. KeyMacro is an easy to use and light weight text expander, which allows you to quickly create your own text macros and use them in any program, document or web page. KeyMacro will create context-sensitive macros in different languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and more. The program supports Unicode text.
KeyMacro Key Features:
* Context-sensitive macros: create macros based on current application’s text, website’s text, etc. or by selecting text from the clipboard; create macros for almost any context.
* Macros: record any text and apply them later, as frequently as you need, without writing additional code; you may have dozens of macros without modifying source code.
* Search and replace: search and replace text in files, dictionaries and webpages; allow you to replace a single word, or a whole text block, block by block.
* Save macros for later use: save and load macros created with KeyMacro; keep track of the previously used macros with KeyMacro’s built-in catalog.
* Export macros: export and share your macros with the world.
* Anti-spam: use filtering rules to easily block certain websites from being included in your macros.
* Encryption: encrypt your macros with strong encryption method.
* Auto-suggest: suggest words based on current context; complete text with words that may be auto-suggested from the selected text.
* Auto-indentation: insert a predefined number of spaces to wrap a selection to the next line.
* Auto-formatting: indent text by default or on selected lines; automatically wrap text to the next line with a predefined number of spaces.
* Shortcuts: easily access commonly used macros in the Macros Catalog.
* Microsoft Access Database: easily create database-based macros with dozens of macros or import your existing macro databases.
* Microsoft Office: import macros created with KeyMacro to Microsoft Office; import and export macros between different programs.
* Web page: import macros to web pages created with KeyMacro; automatically add macros to web pages.
* Software: insert macros into program’s source code; create macros for programming.
* PDF: insert macros to any pdf document, spreadsheet, presentation or any other format.
* Notepad: insert macros to


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