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Hamsin Clipboard is a handy clipboard history tool that lets you paste your recent clips, or the one you usually use, anytime, avoiding retyping them.
The program saves your clip history, displaying the last ten clips along with their title, time and clip types. By clicking on the clip in the list, you can view its content or paste it, using the dedicated keyboard hotkeys. You can also store your clips in your favorites list, by drag-dropping them to the list icon in Hamsin Clipboard System Tray, or create your own favorites list by using the drag-drop feature.
Additionally, you can view and save your favorite clips, or the ones you use frequently, so that you can paste them anytime. If you do not want Hamsin Clipboard to save the clips you use, you can turn this feature off by pressing the hotkey Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
More features of Hamsin Clipboard:
* A Clipboard History tool that lets you save your last ten clips, which you can paste anytime,
* You can easily identify the last ten clips, using a detailed history log,
* You can use keyboard shortcuts to paste your last ten clips,
* You can save your favorite clips, or the ones you use frequently,
* You can create your own favorites list, by using the drag-drop feature,
* You can view and store your favorite clips,
* You can view or paste clips from any kind of clipboard content(text, files, bitmaps, metafiles, palettes, drag-drop files, rich text formats),
* Supports all clipboard formats,
* You can customize the way the application displays your clip history,
* You can stop the application from recording new clips in its history log,
* You can share your clips using services like Twitter, Facebook, Email, IM or start your own blog.
This program is freeware.

is there a better way to store a text file in a program, with a custom name instead of something like TEXT (or FILE – as this is usually the default name)?
i have it set up so that when i open a text file it automatically pops up in a new window, but when it does it often uses the default name (TEXT) with the exception of one doc, where i would like it to just automatically be called something like ‘our_company_doc.doc’.
how can i alter it so that it does this? 384a16bd22

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This key is included in both the license and the product, which means that it is the only authorized version that will unlock this product. It is for the most part a generic all-purpose and universal key, but the intention is that it should work in all applications. However, in order to make that happen, we have to create our own macros in the menus of applications that do not use these generic macros.
Unique functions:
■ Random number generator
■ Password generator
■ Password reset
■ Regular expression generator
■ Flag generator (option)
■ Flag option to limit generated password length
■ Flag option to randomise generated password
■ Flag option to change generated password
■ Flag option to increment password counter
■ Flag option to limit number of characters per word
■ Flag option to accept only letters
■ Flag option to accept only numbers
■ Flag option to accept only uppercase letters
■ Flag option to accept only lowercase letters
■ Flag option to accept only ASCII characters
Keyboard Macro:
■ Key to skip to next macro
■ Key to skip to previous macro
■ Key to go to next macro
■ Key to go to previous macro
■ Key to toggle flag
■ Key to reset flag
■ Key to quit macro
■ Key to set flag
■ Key to set flag
■ Key to show flag
■ Key to show flag
■ Key to show next menu
■ Key to show previous menu
■ Key to show next menu
■ Key to show previous menu
■ Key to save macro
■ Key to restore macro
■ Key to reload macro
■ Key to save macro
■ Key to load macro
■ Key to delete macro
■ Key to close menu
■ Key to set parameter
■ Key to add parameter
■ Key to remove parameter
■ Key to create new macro
■ Key to accept new menu
■ Key to cancel
■ Key to toggle menu display
■ Key to open menu
■ Key to save menu
■ Key to list menus

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