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pushparaj (pushpa movie download) pushpa: the rise is a classic in the making. directed by samuthirakani, we have allu arjun and kona venkat together for the first time. the two of them have delivered blockbusters in the past, and this one too is sure to be one of the best. with the female lead, allu arjun is getting to play a more complex role than usual. the role of dakshayani is one such role where the actor can sink in deep and give a different take on it. adding to the plot is the character played by kona venkat. a character who is quite unlike him before, allu has given another avatar to this character. so if you are a fan of the actor, who had given a wonderful performance in the films like kanchivaram, pushpa: the rise is the film for you.

(pushpa movie download) pushpa: the rise is making everyones head rise. by becoming a pushparaj on social media, every viewer is calling themselves flower samjhi kya, fire hai main these days. as straight as the story of this film appears flat, its characters are surrounded in as many layers. there are many villains in the film. the hero may be sherdil pushpa i.e. allu arjun, but there is a long army of wolves to eat his life. whether it is sp bhanwar singh shekhawat or red sandalwood contractor mangalam shrine. jolly reddy is still alive. and amidst all this, there is a character that pushparaj needs to be more careful about. this character is of dakshayani. she is the wife of mangalam srinu.

(pushpa movie download) allu arjun has been an actor who is known for his villain roles. he has been a complete contrast to the type of roles he chooses to play. and this film presents him with his biggest role. he plays a typical pushparaj, and he plays it well. he is among the most talented of the lot who can play such roles with ease. he gives a complete different avatar to his character in pushpa: the rise. when he was seen as a simpleton in the film sherdil pushpa, he has turned out to be a cunning villain in the film pushpa. so when he plays a role that is the most opposite to himself, he is simply amazing.

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