Spectrasonics Omnisphere Software Update V2.6.2c

Spectrasonics Omnisphere Software Update V2.6.2c



Spectrasonics Omnisphere Software Update V2.6.2c

While this version of Omnisphere is not a complete redesign of the plugin, the main goal was for it to represent “what Spectrasonics could accomplish now that the limitations have been removed.” A brief look back at the history of the plugin shows that this version will be available to everyone, from the beginner who wouldnt be able to use this plugin without some handholding, to the uber-composer who wouldnt recognize the changes without a map. This version of the plugin should be worth every penny.

As far as I know, theres no current bypass mode available, but there is one version 3 update in the pipeline, supposedly dubbed version 3.5. Although certainly less useful, the update will hopefully give you more granularity with the pitch bend and expression controls. It also promises a new sound engine for v3 and interface improvements.

Never claimed to be much of a mincer around the house, but in Omnispheres Patch mode, Ive been able to trundle out the odd tune. The back-end timbre controls work fine, but the granularity of the parameters is often a little too fine, as it were, and you lose the ability to distinguish grain size. I prefer to make up my own tune, which is a bit like putting the cart before the horse. (So I can stop the cart before it gets to the horse, but that doesnt really work does it?) This is why the audition button that allows you to save your custom melody is also a useful way to master it. You can then adjust the timbre or pitch envelopes or both and then use the synth waveform to the sound of your fondest dream.

Innocence may be the best thing about Omnisphere.After all, theres no point crafting synthetic sounds if, after your work is done, you have to get a hammer out to smash up your beloved machine. In that respect, theres no better example than the clunky, wheezing, floppy Minimoog. The old beast really feels like it was designed by a committee, but you cant help liking it. Theres also the new Minimoog vesper, a precision version that wows when stacked and grouped with a big, stuttered bass line. Thats some serious grunt. Theres also the righteous Moog on steroids, with its clunky leads and insane sawtooth synth waves. Actually, Ive even found room for the old Rangemaster Mini, even though it is clearly a bit obsolete. Not a patch on the full-sized version, but what can I say, its better than a tape deck.

More impressively, the templates are arranged under broad parameters such as Chords, Drums, Leads, and Keys, all of which offer instant access to multiple sonic templates or banks. These are valuable tools that make it easy to find and load samples with multiple parameters. While the sound quality of the samples is still of variable quality and, from the current state of the Omnisphere manual, they are a little on the short side, they do the job well.
As with any software that taxes the system, I made sure the Memory Priority window was set high enough to ensure there was enough RAM for the user interface (UI) and application. When the second stage of the patchset came up, I was overjoyed to discover that every section could be assigned to one of the 4 synthesis modes (Granular, Harmonia, Innerspace, or Plain) or to a dedicated FX Mode. Whereas Omnisphere 1.x always sounds clean and simple, and wouldn’t benefit from being opened in a noisy environment, Omnisphere 2.8 is geared up to take on a wider palette of sonic tasks and has plenty of ways to achieve them. While I did find some sounds were particularly finicky and needed fiddling with before they played correctly, the basic operation was intuitive.
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.8 brings an exciting new era of sound expansion to the desktop. In addition to adding more synths and improving their sonic character, the update adds new features, a new way to control many synth parameters, and a newly redesigned UI for even greater configurability. You can now import 64-bit WAV and AIFF audio files into Omnisphere for use as sounds (more on that later), and everything synced with your MIDI controllers and DAWs. Finally, Omnisphere 2.8 offers a second new synth: a 32-voice, 64-note octave-rigged virtual analog synthesizer (VAS) for expressive dark soundscapes. Synth users will instantly recognize the sounds of the new VAS as the quality-rock eurorack instruments to which they are often compared.


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