Aisha Duo, Quiet Songs Full High Quality Album Zip

Aisha Duo, Quiet Songs Full High Quality Album Zip

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Aisha Duo, Quiet Songs Full Album Zip

its not just a song about aaliyah, its about me feeling like im a real artist. aishas voice is the best, and i think she is the greatest r&b singer in the world. shes talented beyond words. if im the best man in the world, aaliyah is the greatest woman in the world.

for me the song is all about this type of love story, a virgin. but it deals with a guy in a situation where he cant sleep with the girl. if you cant sleep with the girl, you cannot be a lover. so im just talking to her and saying, let me sleep with you.

she has a really deep voice. its not as high-pitched like many high singers, her voice can be really soft, but it can be loud. its real powerful. when i heard her voice, i fell in love with it. as soon as i heard it, i knew im going to make the best song.

my first time hearing the song was at a party. i felt like, oh my god, all these people that ive never met are singing aaliyah songs. i need to go in my room and listen to it again. it was just a natural progression.

i was at a party. i felt like, these people know me. im a super-famous guy. i wonder if they think of me every day. i just want to apologize to all these people. i just want to meet them. i just dont want to be a big celebrity, but i want to be a real artist that people love.

when i heard aaliyahs voice, i felt like im the worst guy in the world. not a day, not a minute, that im not holding a mic. and ive been holding mic aside from others for years, but aishas voice, oh man! icant wait to sing it.

the year 2019 marks the second international release frombahari, a classic rock cover album titledbreatheacross multiple european countries. the album spawned singlesalone (on my own),letting go, andbe also featured the radio exclusive singlelead me onanddon’t give up.

the two started sharing ideas with songwriter justingibsonand then went into the studio to attempt some initial demos, in efforts to be as honest and raw as possible. the experience was life-changing, she recalls. “making this record was really therapeutic and allowed me to find my rhythm and self again. the final product is very different fromso good, but i feel like the album is even better now, because it’s more me.”
produced byjustingibsonandjustinunk,poster girlfeatures a more r&b-driven sound. it feels like a varsity of songs for any young lady who takes herself too seriously. baharireturned toa sample-heavy sound with the album, using a host of vocal hooks in her vocals. “on this album, i wanted to make sure that theres a lot of diversity and depth on every single song,” she explains. “i didn’t want to make a very one-dimensional album. it’s nice to see someone in her twenties capable of producing something so memorable.”
bahari and zara fully intend on making this album a touchstone for new artists, particularly women, to follow. “right now, especially in the music industry, women are really underrepresented in the music and movie industry,”baharisays. “there’s a lot of misogyny and there’s a lot of female artists that are not being held to the same standards as male artists. i feel like we can benefit from women looking up to us and knowing that we’re not the only ones in the world doing things. there are so many beautiful women doing amazing things out there. we see men in the industry being really successful but theres no one in the same field as them.

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