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MarketSMS 2.2.3549.344 Crack 2022

– When first time connected to MarketSMS server you will receive Welcome message
– If you need to reconnect to MarketSMS server you need to send SMS message to 50000 # in your phone
– If you are about to send SMS message, you will see this message
– When sending SMS message you will receive status of your message
– Main menu:
– Home: Main Screen (with help menu)
– Mango: Central Screen
– Settings: Configuration Screen (modify from you)
– Report List: Informations About Purchases (Currency, Table Name, etc.)
– Messages List: Informations About MarketSMS Message (Sender, Recipient, Time of Sending, Status, and Message)
– Reports List: Purchases informations (Date, Amount, Currency)
– Messages List: MarketSMS Message informations (Sender, Recipient, Time of Sending, Status, and Message)
– Notes List: Notes
– Invoices List: Invoices (List of Deleted, Deleted In History, History)
– Export CSV: Any CSV file you have download (and open in any software)
– Export SQL: Any SQL file you have download (and open in any software)
– Test: Basic Tests
– Help: Help (see menu)

MarketSMS has been tested on the following devices:
– LG ST210 (LG / lgd2)
– LG ST400 (LG / lgd4)
– LG ST500 (LG / lgd5)

MarketSMS is BETA release and will never be used by MarketSMS team as it is not ready yet.


* You are free to use this software!
* You are free to write about this software!
* You are free to link to this software!
* You are free to use the source code for free!

You can contact the author by e-mail: *protected*@*protected*
You can help the author by donating to: *protected*@*protected*

I appreciate if you will donate! Any amount will be very grateful!

More information:

Website: *protected*@*protected*

License: *protected*@*protected*

Any of the source code in MarketSMS can be used freely, as long as you inform us about

MarketSMS 2.2.3549.344

Smart Macro Dialog. Smart dialog with a nice gui.
For a long time Market SMS was using for implementing such dialogs.
Now, these days, it is not necessary to use such windows just for the simple macro dialogs. It is far easier to use Macros in such dialogs, and these dialogs are far more more easy to configure.
Only time is required to configure this macro dialog. MacroDialogs is fully configurable, and i’m ready to add new features as soon as they are requested!
Modem : GlobalCom ( )
Comm :
Language: Eng, De, Spa (….). Actually, i want to support all languages!
Market SMS:
N. Djevanko, [email protected], EnQ:

How to convert a vector of strings to a vector of numeric values?

I have a vector of strings
#[1] “foo.txt” “bar.txt” “so.txt” “hello.txt”

I want to convert it to a vector of numeric values.
#[1] 1 1 1 0



This is a vectorized version of the previous answers:

MarketSMS 2.2.3549.344 PC/Windows

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What’s New In?

High Level description:

MarketSMS uses SMS messages as a fast and reliable method to provide short and quick information for companies, small markets or even for individual consumers. Using MarketSMS, your customers can quickly and easily get the information they want.

Quick Overview:

MarketSMS can be used to provide prices, order details, product details, stocks, product information, etc. or for any other information that is in database. Using MarketSMS, you have to connect to the database from PC and to receive the information as an SMS message on mobile phones. Using MarketSMS, we can make information on PC as simple as possible. It is all about the speed! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and try MarketSMS today!


Using MarketSMS, your customers can get information they want, at their place, anytime they want.

* Availability:

MarketSMS is available for PC (Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and Mac OS X (10.2 – 10.7) platforms.

* Compatibilities:

MarketSMS can be used with Android and Blackberry mobile phones as well.

* How to use:

Using MarketSMS, customer uses PC to get information they want as an SMS message. There is no additional hardware such as MP3 players or smartcards needed to use MarketSMS. It is an easy and fast solution for small markets and big companies!

MarketSMS is an open source solution and we do not take any right to control user’s use of MarketSMS or to edit the code. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact our support team at [email protected]

See License Agreement:

You can download the source code from

You may not remove or change any copyright notices on the source code.

Please keep in mind that MarketSMS is a powerful software program. If you intend to use the software commercially, please read the license agreement carefully.

For more information, visit

# Acknowledgements

MarketSMS is developed by a collective of people and we would like to thank them for their support:

Eric Bong

Ionut Cincas

Ionut Marculescu

Liviu Gura

Vlad Ivanov

# About our author

+ Eric Bong is a Software Developer in IT field. He has been working in the web application field for the last 4 years. He has been using various frameworks and programming languages in his career and is currently working with AngularJS, Java, PHP, Javascript. He is also a blogger with several articles published in

System Requirements:

The following technical specs are also present:
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