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*The easiest way to design and build your own website in minutes!
*The ABCWebWizard Website Designer does everything you do when building a web page, except the choosing of the HTML code and the formatting of the text.
*See your site in action! Watch all your works develop live
*Watch your work evolve in real time.
*The ABCWebWizard Website Designer can be used in several ways. You can:
*create dynamic HTML pages that run on your site
*quickly create HTML web pages that display graphic images
*create Java server web pages with links to your own Java web pages
*create interactive HTML pages that can be viewed in a web browser
*and more!
*The ABCWebWizard Website Designer can even change the look and feel of the site. By specifying the layout in the form of your choice of a graphic image you can create a website that reflects the style of your choice.
*The ABCWebWizard Website Designer also includes a handful of highly advanced features. These features are:
*Managing bookmarks and favorites
*Add hyperlinks to your Java server pages
*Managing the text for an entire web page
*Quickly create links to your own web pages
*Adding your own website’s tags
*Editing images
*Creating title tags
*Creating meta tags
*Adding text for your pages
*Adding graphics to your pages
*Adding JavaScript code for Java server pages
*Adding links to your Java server pages
*Adding links to your Java server pages
*Creating links to your own Java server pages
*Adding Cascading Style Sheets to your web pages
*Creating menus and sub-menus
*Adding navigation buttons to your site’s navigation panel
*Change the look and feel of your site
*Adding virtual bookmarks to your site
*Creating a full HTML table
*Creating a simple HTML table
*Creating a text table
*Creating a simple HTML table
*Creating a text table
*Adding header and footer
*Adding a header to your site
*Adding a footer to your site
*Creating a multi-column table
*Creating a page table
*Creating a multi-column table
*Adding code to your site
*Managing the text for an entire web page
*Quickly create HTML web pages that display graphic images
*Creating Java server web pages with links to your own Java web pages
*Adding a server- 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a powerful, easy to use macro recorder for MS Office and a great script writing tool. It offers a comprehensive macro recording interface for the Office user. Easy recording and debugging of VB script, JScript and C# code.
Keymacro can take a live recording of your user keyboard actions. It provides a rich feature set of functions, which can be used for automatically capturing any actions made on your computer. Keymacro is fully integrated with Microsoft Office programs. It can easily capture data from MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Publisher, as well as from almost any Internet browser.
Keymacro can also handle data from screen capturing utilities like Windows Snipping Tool, Print Screen Button, Screenshot Capture, Vidgrab, Virtual Download etc. Keymacro captures almost all text typed on your computer including clicks, formatting, scrolling etc. During recording, Keymacro captures the visible area of the screen and includes the output of any embedded objects, such as email, flash, javascript or any other object on your screen.
Keymacro provides following unique features:
– Capture any Text and/or Click and Save the Script for later processing
– You can choose to Auto-Close the document after recording
– Manually Run the recorded script
– Record the Windows Dialogs, so that you can then replay the captured dialogs
– Add Keymacro Key Names to save the script file
– Script can be recorded on remote machine
– Retrieve Stored Commands from History
– Support 64 Bit Keymacro Session Recording
– Ability to edit your recorded scripts
– Translate the Code
– Can work with keyboard, mouse, touch, and/or any keyboard combination.
– Easy Editing of Recorded Scripts, just add or remove the commands
– Option to Add or Edit the Keymacro Parameters
– Option to Add or Edit any Parameter Name
– Option to Select any Parameter
– Option to Create or Edit Additional Parameters
– Customizable Parameters
– Option to Save the Settings
– Options for Saving, Running, or Deleting the recorded script
– Options to Add, Remove or Edit any User-Defined Parameter
– Option to Export your Script to Excel, Text or HTML
– Option to Export your Script to PDF, Excel, Text, HTML
– Edit, delete and insert parameters
– Support Add Multiple Parameter names to one script
– Support Save Multiple Parameter names to one


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