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it was my very first computer in 2002, I got a home copy of Windows XP in Japanese, it was AMAZING.I doubt anyone nowadays can even imagine how worried I was about those 7-inchers back then. But, no matter how it sounds, I was grateful to those who worked with me for everything they did, and to my father in particular, because all this was the result of his work.
I think that now I can safely return to this computer with great pleasure. And as an example imagine – you can speak Japanese, and I will say that I had some completely “wild” home computers, at one time, but now they are archived, because I just returned them, and I use them every time I need them Computer in my childhood? Of course, I always had my own computer, I never understood why other parents think that this is something bad, but in my case, it was far from the worst computer in the house that I have ever had, before how I was attracted to new technology.
If you want to know more about exactly what the problems were with people buying computers in the mid-90s, stop here: if you don’t know what HDTV is, how to watch what you watch if you want to install a satellite TV system at home if you have your own collection of CDs or DVDs if you have a movie player installed in your home car if your mom doesn’t mind you updating your computer at your own expense if you still want to go camping , so that there is some trace of your last trip, if you are interested in what you do online, if it coincides with your hobbies and you want your friends to know about them, use the webcam. A simple trick with eyelashes and your eyes will add an additional 10Gb of memory to your computer, and with the help of a web server you can delete the file without rebooting the system.
No wonder everyone looked so happy at the first Windows presentation. It was just an introduction to Microsoft’s new client, the Windows XT operating system. And, of course, wherever there was a fancy Windows 95 system



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