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Dozenal Clock is a simple time gadget designed to enliven your desktop with a duodecimal system clock. The dozenal system, also known as duodecimal or base 12 is a positional notation numeral system that uses twelve as a base. Dozenal Clock can display the computer time and date in the base twelve system.
Time in the duodecimal system
The decimal numeral system (base 10) that we are used to contains ten digits and allows us to measure time as 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day. The duodecimal system allows you to measure time in a different manner, due to small modifications in the counting method. In this system, the symbols for the numbers ten, eleven and twelve differ than the ones in the decimal system, being assigned new characters.
Thus, the “Ϫ” symbol represents the number 10 in the decimal system, while the reversed “3” is used to depict the number “11”. Given the new counting method, the perception of time division changes and so does the structure of time as we know it. Thus, in the dozenal system, the clock features 72 divisions, meaning a minute has 72 seconds and an hour – 72 minutes. A day has 24 hours.
Perception of time with the duodecimal clock
The duration of a second, respectively a minute or an hour remains the same, however, the seconds/minutes pass by much quicker than if measured in the decimal system. For example, a second in the dozenal system corresponds to 25/36 of a second in the decimal system.
Dozenal Clock allows is set to read the system time and translate it to the duodecimal measuring system. The gadget can be resized and customized, in order to display only the clock string or just hide the title.
Different time measuring system
Dozenal Clock is not designed to alter the passing time perception, only the way it is measured. Since the duodecimal system features more digits than the base 10, there are more seconds in a minute and more minutes in an hour. Their duration however, is shorter than the decimal correspondents.
About This Software
Dozenal Clock is freeware. It is distributed in source code and comes with the following two licenses:
Dozenal Clock license: “You can do what you want with the source code.
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