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It doesn’t matter if the music files are already stored in MP3 format or if you’ve created your own, just paste them to the Music folder, and that’s all.

It can help to make sure the right permission are set to your music files

It has inbuilt search feature

It can export music files to your SD card


How to install the Music Player Daemon

The recommended way to install the Music Player Daemon is to download it from the Appbrain’s download page and install it using the package manager of your favorite distro.
You may alternatively install MPD from source:

Note that the download location is specified to be compatible with the version of Appbrain you are using

The installation of the Music Player Daemon requires the installation of PHP 5.2, which may be incompatible with the version of the Appbrain.
A work-around for this incompatibility is to download the tarball and extract it manually, then in the extracted directory run the command:

./configure –prefix=/usr
make install

To make the Music Player Daemon available on the network, configure your router or a computer on your home network as a server and install the Music Player Daemon client on the other devices.

How to use the Music Player Daemon

The music player daemon can be used in two ways:

Access and play the songs from a local or remote music collection

Listen to music files on a local or remote music collection.

Accessing your music files

If the Music Player Daemon is installed and running on a computer on your home network, you can easily access your music files on the computer via the Music Player Daemon client.
To do this, go to the folder where you have your music files, for instance “Music” on the computer where the MPD client is installed.

Click on “Music” on the client computer, then use the “Browse Music Folder” button to browse to the location where you have the files.

The Music Player Daemon will start automatically on the computer on which the MPD client is installed.

You can now use the files you just downloaded, drag & drop them, play them etc.

Note: If you are connected to a network, the files will be stored in the network’s subdirectory /media/Music where “Music” is the name of your computer. 384a16bd22

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