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Key concepts in AutoCAD

Actions and commands are key concepts in AutoCAD. Commands are the primary interaction with the graphical user interface (GUI). They are shown at the bottom of the interface and allow you to perform functions with the graphics. Actions are triggered by the user through commands. An action typically provides several commands to change an element of a drawing.

The interface includes tools, panels, menus, and palettes. Palettes are for visual tools, commands, or actions. Panels are for displaying your drawing in different views. Tools can be organized in panels. A menu is a list of items that can be selected or used to perform tasks. The commands, tools, and palettes of AutoCAD are displayed at the bottom of the interface.

The graphical interface of AutoCAD is based on windows. The window frame is the topmost border that surrounds the window. The window frame includes a title bar, menu bar, and toolbar. The title bar is the line in the upper-left corner of the window, and the menu bar is the line that runs vertically along the top of the window. The menu bar includes commands, tools, and palettes, and the toolbar is the line that runs horizontally along the bottom of the window.

Command line

Command line is a text-based interface in AutoCAD. It allows the user to perform various functions and edit drawings from a command prompt. The commands are typed at the command prompt and executed as the program is running. In a sense, the command line is the reverse of the graphical interface.

CAD and drafting software apps, such as AutoCAD, have command-line functionality. The command-line interface is similar to command line on Unix operating systems. Commands can be invoked from within the command-line interface.

I don’t want to become an AutoCAD expert, but I want to learn a few things

Hands on: Autodesk AutoCAD 2018

AutoCAD is like having a well-trained manual drafting engineer on your team. AutoCAD provides an interface to easily create drawings. Beginners can start with AutoCAD and then upgrade to more advanced products as needed.

AutoCAD takes a different approach than most CAD apps. AutoCAD does not function as a separate CAD app. You begin drafting with AutoCAD, and you draw by using other tools. As you learn AutoCAD, you can switch

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Information on available AutoCAD software licenses can be found at AutoCAD’s Autodesk Exchange Apps.

Interoperability with other AutoCAD applications
Autodesk has made available a set of technology tools for better interoperability with other Autodesk applications. These include Autodesk Exchange Connectors, which allow users to share data and information across other applications. These include AutoCAD 360 that allows users to interact with Autodesk 360 web applications, including 360 Video.


AutoCAD software is available in three primary configurations: Home, Professional and Architectural. These licensing models are all priced competitively. Home and Professional licenses cover the product and the software, while Architectural licenses include the extended support and service options.

There are three main types of licensing for AutoCAD: single-user, network-shared, and network-residential. A single-user license permits only one person to have the product installed and activated. A network-shared license permits multiple users to have AutoCAD running on a network, and is the most common licensing scheme. A network-residential license permits the use of the software by multiple concurrent users in a single building or campus.

Originally, two licensing models were available: Professional and Architectural. In 2008, a new Architecture license was introduced, allowing for the “democratization of CAD” by making it more widely available. This is to make it affordable for companies of all sizes.

The software is available on Microsoft Windows operating systems (through AutoCAD), as well as MacOS and Linux.

Additionally, licensing of certain components is based on a monthly subscription instead of annual fees. For example, the Autodesk Architectural License requires an annual fee for software use, but also permits unlimited access to licensed Autodesk content and a database of products. Also, the Autodesk Architects Guide, which is a title of the product, is published by Autodesk and only available to customers with a Architects License.

Sales & marketing

Autodesk sales and marketing is composed of two areas of focus:
Production Software: Commercial packages like AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, Map 3D and others.
Service, Training & Education Software: Academic software for schools and companies like Navisworks, Navisworks 360, Emsisoft Architect and the Autodesk product suite.

AutoCAD Enterprise Solutions for cloud computing
AutoCAD is


Go to the menu Tools/Options/Keyboards

Select Modify

Select AutoCAD
Click on the down arrow next to AutoCAD and select the language for your
language of choice. For example English will appear.
Click OK
Click OK on the AutoCAD window and select OK on the prompt that appears.
Uninstall Autodesk Autocad.

I’ve just installed the latest version (2011) on Windows 7 SP1 x64, and it worked without any problems.


Autodesk did a recent update to the 2010 Chinese edition and it is now available.
AutoCAD 2010 Chinese Edition for Windows can be downloaded from this link (alternative link).

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Connect to the Internet to see collaborative work on a range of platforms. Download the published version of your drawings directly into your portfolio. Publish drawings into a wide range of collaborative workflows – from web to mobile, and with other users on-site or remote.

Intuitive and flexible drawing controls for fast and efficient design. Ergonomic two-handed design, with a large number of control points, an intuitive user interface, and powerful new object modeling capabilities.

The built-in Scratchboard lets you create freehand drawing and editing directly on your screen. Create new, edit existing objects, and start drawing immediately.

Save your drawings in the cloud, publish them to the Web, and access them from anywhere on any device. Download and publish your drawings in just one click.

Create powerful new applications using the power of AutoCAD with WYSIWYG graphics and web design tools. Export drawings directly into HTML, CSS and even JavaScript.

Create geometric primitives, such as curves and splines, and edit them directly in the drawing using new features in ShapeMaker.

Add photo-realistic wood grain, stone, tile and other three-dimensional objects. The new Object Browser helps you find the right object for your drawing, and explore variations in a graphical user interface that provides tools for modification.

Create complex architectural designs in your drawings, and link them together for a cohesive model. Enhance your objects with annotations and filters for context-based design.

Edit Objects:

Edit multiple layers at the same time with Object Snap.

Use Object Snap to edit multiple objects, and move them to precisely the same position.

Create flexible measurements, directly in the drawing, with a new Measure command that will place objects based on a linear measurement as you draw.

Edit curves and splines directly with Curve and Spline commands.

Edit your image directly in the drawing with a new Image tool.

Extend the Sketch object in your drawing with new advanced snap features. Use the extended snap to quickly snap to any detail in a sketch or illustration, and make precise changes in your drawing.

Add, edit and manage digital drawings through cloud services, including Dropbox, SkyDrive and others.

File Management and Collaboration:

Save files from a wide range of formats in just a few clicks. The File Open dialog window can be customized to

System Requirements:

Mac OS X
Minimum system requirements (Windows):
At least:
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows XP 64-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit
Windows 10 requires a 64-bit CPU, but 32-bit CPUs will still run the game with no issues.
Mac OS X version 10.7 or later
Xcode 4.

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