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■ MACRO that can be used to control Source Edit on the documents (1 file only).
■ The macro can be saved as a “shortcut” so that it can be called with a single click.
■ MACRO can be added to multiple documents.
■ MACRO can be added to documents that are in “text” mode.
■ Macros are contained in BML files (the language used to create macros in Source Edit).
■ MACRO can be run by copying and pasting the file to Source Edit or to another add-in.
■ MACRO can be run without Source Edit on a “document” basis.
■ Macros run in “text” mode.
■ Macros are not saved in the Source Edit configuration so if you need to add a new macro to Source Edit in the future, you can simply re-edit the template file for the macro.
■ MACRO can be added to multiple documents.
■ Macros are added to a document only once the document is created in Source Edit.
■ MACROs are not saved in the “document’s” configuration.
■ MACROs have a 15-days trial period to try the add-in before you are asked to register it for use.
MACRO Source Edit Add-In Template File:
■ File path: C:\Users\user_name\Documents\SourceEdit\AddIn.bml
■ File name: Macro
■ File type: BML
■ File version: 1.0.0
■ File description: Macro
KEYMACRO.SYNC Description:
■ SYNC is a keyword used in the macro to tell Source Edit that the macro was created from an “on-the-fly” action and that Source Edit is ready to run the macro.
■ SYNC can be added to the beginning of the macro so that when the macro is run in Source Edit, it will be executed in the “Source Edit state” which means the macro will be run as if Source Edit was open.
■ It is recommended to keep the keyword SYNC at the beginning of the macro since it tells Source Edit to run it with the “Source Edit state”
■ SYNC must be used even if the macro is created “on 384a16bd22

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– (q)uickSwitch
– (t)oggle start
– (s)witch start
– (g)eToggle start
– (n)ext start
– (n)extend start
– (n)ext-end start
– (n)ext-next start
– (n)ext-next-end start
– (n)ext-last start
– (n)ext-last-end start
– (r)eturn start
– (i)ntercept start
– (t)oggle test
– (s)witch test
– (g)eToggle test
– (p)ause
– (a)mple
– (i)nsert
– (t)o
– (n)ext
– (d)own
– (a)dd
– (i)ncrease
– (r)emove
– (e)xceed
– (u)pdate
– (c)lean
– (s)ave
– (r)eword
– (i)nsert-multi
– (s)witch s
– (i)nclude s
– (g)roup s
– (p)ause
– (a)mple s
– (i)nsert s
– (t)o s
– (n)ext s
– (d)own s
– (a)dd s
– (i)ncrease s
– (r)emove s
– (e)xceed s
– (u)pdate s
– (c)lean s
– (s)ave s
– (r)eword s
– (i)ns

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