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Set a key to act as a macro, by setting the key to a number or string that represents a function, you will receive the function you typed as a response to the macro, you can also be used for a function number, as a number of arguments etc.

Default name of the macro is “macro”.
Set a macro to an available function.
This function works as follows:
When you type “macro” the function function =.0 is sent to you.
You can give a specific name to this function, for example:

~ function1 =.1
~ function1 number =.3

Example: ~ macro=tan.1
The system will print to you: tan(.1) = 1.75
You can use multiple functions for the same macro, you can also give a name to a second macro by setting the macro number to a number or string, you can also use functions as arguments to the macro, by saying:

~ macro=cos.3 * function1(value, 2) * value

You can use the “~” to define functions, macros, numbers, variable and subroutines.


Set a macro to a function that returns a number and is available for the chart to use

~ macro=log.1.2
~ macro=log.1.2.3
~ macro=log.1.2(value)

Prints to you: log(1.2) = 2.3
If you enter a character instead of a number or string you will receive a different function, as follows:

~ macro=log.1.2.a

Prints to you: log(1.2) = 2

You can execute macros from the start of the chart, by saying

~ macro

This function returns a macro that can be used to execute a function or a macro from the beginning of the chart.

Sets a macro to any function with the function number.

~ functionn=.3(0) + functionn(.3)

This function returns a macro, if it’s set with the “macro” macro number.

Use the “~” to set a macro, then give the macro a name, if you don’t give it a name the macro will be 384a16bd22

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Keymacro (Key Macro) is a program that allows you to customize your copy, cut and paste keyboard shortcuts.
Keymacro can be used to:
Set customized keyboard shortcuts for the copy and paste commands in any Windows application.
Use the same keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting in several applications.
Create keyboard shortcuts for the following:
Clipboard operations – such as: Cut, Paste, Copy, Copy File, Copy File As, Add to Clipboard.
Accessibility operations – such as: VoiceOver, Zoom, enlarge, and reduce text size.
Increase and decrease keyboard focus.
Command line operations – such as: Send key strokes to an external application using the SendKeys method.
Save and restart keymacro.ini file
Download KeyMacro 2.6.1

DXSolver Puzzle 2019 is a highly innovative and fully featured crossword puzzle solver. It will help solve up to 100 crossword puzzles at once. This program can be used to perform the following functions:
– Solve individual crossword puzzles
– Solve the crosswords from the hard drive and flash memory cards
– Solve the crossword from an online database such as WDBG.COM, WORDPRESS.COM, GOOGLE.COM, etc.
– Solve crossword puzzles using a dictionary
– Solve multiple crossword puzzles in the same time
– Combine a crossword with multiple matches
DXSolver Puzzle 2019 is a very light program that will consume little system resources.

Abioge Mail Server [_] is a web-based webmail with an MSCAPI interface.
It supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP access to a mailbox as well as WebDav, and ActiveSync.
It has an Admin Control Panel with limited access which can be unlocked through a FTP or SMTP account.

About FixMyPhoneFixMyPhone is a free service that allows you to quickly find out if your smartphone or tablet is under warranty.
We make sure you always know if your device is covered or not and then help you send your device to the technician.
Our service is also free for all users.

Install this program to easily find the current battery status, CPU usage, and more. Ideal for seeing if your laptop battery has enough power and if it’s getting too hot.
1. Full screen real-time visual representation of hardware status
2. Battery monitoring

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