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KEYMACRO allows you to work around the limitations of Yahoo Widgets by letting you define your own actions or macros. You can assign a macro to any of the available actions within Yahoo Widgets. MACRO’s can include HTML, Flash, JS, and even images and sounds.
Basic Usage:
KEYMACRO – MacroName (Action) [Argument(s)]
So let’s say you want to set up a button that sends an email. You would type:
KEYMACRO – SubmitMyEmail “action” [argument]
Action Description:
The action is the actual name of the action you want to assign to a keyboard macro.
Argument Description:
Any arguments you want to include when you assign a macro. Arguments can be any combination of text, numerical data, and multi-media data.
KEYMACRO – SubmitMyEmail “action” [argument]
You can assign up to 10 different actions to each macro. So let’s say you have 10 different buttons. You could assign 10 different macro’s to each button, so that whenever you pressed a button, it would run a different action.
So now when you press the button, it would run the action “SUBMIT” and “MyNumericalParameter” and the value of the argument would be 5000.
The only way to know what the parameters of a macro is, is to see what it’s like when you assign it to a button.
Using Macros:
To use a macro in a site or widget, you would type the name of the macro into the name box. So let’s say you named your macro “SaveMyButton”. You would enter:
This would replace the name with the code that you assigned to the macro. The button would then look like this:
And it would be activated by typing:
You can assign up to 10 different actions to each macro. So let’s say you have 10 different buttons. You could assign 10 different macro’s to each button, so that whenever you pressed a button, it would run a different action.
KEYMACRO – SaveMyButton “action” [argument]
KEYMACRO – SaveMyButton “action” [argument]
Argument Description:
Any arguments you 384a16bd22

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– F1: Toggle show all
– F2: Toggle minimize all
– F3: Toggle maximize all
– F4: Toggle split mode
– F5: Toggle transparency
– F6: Toggle restore transparency
– F7: Switch to alternate window
– F8: Switch to window in previous desktop
– F9: Cycle desktop, working desktop, desktop with windows
– F10: Zoom in/out
– F11: Zoom out
– F12: Display floating dock
– F13: Zoom in
– F14: Zoom out
– F15: Maximize
– F16: Restore to previous desktop
– F17: Minimize
– F18: Restore to previous desktop with windows
– F19: Dock
– F20: Undock
– F21: Hide
– F22: Show
– F23: Maximize all
– F24: Restore to previous desktop with all windows
– F25: Minimize all
– F26: Restore to previous desktop
– F27: Maximize all and cycle desktop
– F28: Maximize all and switch to desktop with windows
– F29: Maximize all, switch to desktop and restore all windows
– F30: Restore all windows
– F31: Toggle window side by side
– F32: Toggle window to top
– F33: Switch to previous desktop
– F34: Switch to next desktop
– F35: Switch to desktop with windows
– F36: Cycle between desktops
– F37: Cycle between working desktops
– F38: Cycle desktop with windows
– F39: Cycle desktop
– F40: Cycle desktop and show all windows
– F41: Toggle floating dock
– F42: Toggle maximized windows
– F43: Toggle maximized windows and show all
– F44: Toggle maximized and show all windows
– F45: Cycle desktop with maximized windows
– F46: Toggle all maximized windows
– F47: Toggle all windows
– F48: Show desktop
– F49: Toggle toolbars
– F50: Toggle docking
– F51: Toggle auto hide and show taskbar
– F52: Toggle the corners
– F53: Toggle minimize all
– F54: Toggle restore transparency
– F55: Toggle floating dock
– F56: Cycle window order
– F57: Cycle window order and


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