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The new X-ray image viewer was developed to make images look like they were taken using x-rays. The reason for the name is that it gives a clear and detailed view of an image’s subtle features.


Thermal image viewer is a fast, easy and light application that allows you to view thermal images as if they were taken with a thermal camera. It is especially helpful for monitoring environmental changes, such as a cold room for example.


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The second valve opening and closing mechanism includes: a cup-shaped housing made of an elastic material and disposed outside the drive shaft; a valve plate made of an elastic material and disposed to the interior of the housing and made of a configuration which permits elastic deformation in a direction perpendicular to the axis; a valve element made of an elastic material and disposed on an outer peripheral side of the valve plate and which is capable of elastically deforming in a direction perpendicular to the axis; a drive shaft having a distal end portion which has a cross section perpendicular to the axis and which projects to the exterior from the housing in a direction perpendicular to the axis; a drive shaft pressing section having a first surface which is pressed in a direction toward the housing, a second surface which is pressed against an elastic surface of the drive shaft, and a third surface which is pressed against the outer peripheral 384a16bd22

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The macro lets you define and use symbols in calculations with greater ease.

Also, it can be used for memorizing a piece of code in a short time and increase the speed of repetitive coding.

Depending on the environment of use, you can combine macros, thus you can easily perform calculations in one click. Also, you can use macros to write a longer piece of code.

The Macro Management Window:

Macro Management Window: – Introduction – Key Symbols – Key Combinations – Menu Management – Deactivate Selected Menu – Key Combination Settings

Key combinations allow you to execute commands by combinations of keys. With this feature you can reduce the number of mouse clicks. For example, instead of clicking “Delete”, the “Delete” key can be used instead. This is a simple, yet effective feature to facilitate the coding of macros.

Key combinations are possible according to the following criteria:

Performed from any tool window
Activated from the menu and Activated from the tools window in combination with the menu
Deactivated from the tools window in combination with the menu
You can select a menu item in the tools window in combination with the menu
Deactivate a menu in the tools window in combination with the menu
Deactivate a menu item in the tools window in combination with the menu
Deactivate a menu item in the tools window in combination with the menu and Deactivate a menu in the tools window in combination with the menu
You can also create a combination of tools in the tools window.
You can create a combination of two menus that activate the same tool. This tool is active when either menu is clicked.
You can deactivate a menu item with the macro
You can deactivate the menu with the macro

Menu Management:

Menu Management: – Introduction – Key Symbols – Deactivate Selected Menu – Macro Management

Key Symbols are symbols that you can use in a macro. By choosing any menu option, you can activate a macro.

Deactivate Selected Menu:

Deactivate Selected Menu: – Introduction – Macro Management

In this feature, you can deactivate the currently selected menu, as well as all of the menus in the tools window.

Key Combination Settings:

Key Combination Settings: – Introduction – Macro Management

In this setting, you can define a macro with a combination of keystrokes. You can choose between one or more keystrokes and can also change the


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