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The fashion industry is continuously expanding since the first piece of clothing was invented. Their main purpose is to offer us a way to hide our bodies from the outside world, as well as highlight various body areas while keeping us warm.
Manage your goods fast and easy
Nowadays, the industry is diverse, offering different types of pants, t-shirts, underwear, swimsuits and shoes for all ages and genders. If you are a fashion business owner, or you have under your care a clothing store, then Fashione Stock Inventory is the best choice to easily add and manage your products, departments, categories, brands and suppliers.
It's a comprehensive yet easy-to-use application that comes bundled with an item manager, report generator and stock management. No matter the number of sales you make per day, the tool helps you analyze the provider stock and track stock levels by category or department.
Straightforward and accessible layout
The interface is stylish and user-friendly with all the functions in plain sight, each one containing more advanced details and individual windows. The first tab includes the suppliers, brands, groups, departments, colors and sizes. The app lets you enter information about each vendor, such as company name, address, area, city, country, phone numbers, email and website. In addition, you can manage the main and return addresses, the agent's info, along with conditions and terms.
Keep track of each inventory goods and clothes tones and sizes
You have the option to arrange and manage information about various brands, categories (e.g. shoes, pants, sweaters, underwear), together with the departments involved in the business, the available stock colors and sizes. In the style file tab, you can insert each product you have in stock, by inputting general and more complex details, such as description, supplier style, season(winter, summer, spring), tone, size scale, group, retail and cost prices. In addition, you can also add representative images, VAT rate and wholesale prices. It's possible to generate reports based on stock evaluation, style and root PLU listing.
A few last words
Taking everything into account, Fashione Stock Inventory is a reliable and accessible program designed to offer a simple yet efficient way to add and handle all your store products and create detailed summaries based on them, as well as enter details about your suppliers, departments and clothing brands and colors.







Fashione Stock Inventory Crack+ For Windows [April-2022]

– Keep track of your products and their details
– Manage all your store’s goods and colors
– Create custom reports
– Organize and arrange information about your fashion business on the web
– Add items, brands, suppliers, styles and colors
– Generate reports, item managers and stock management reports
– Add images to products and brands
– Eliminate duplicate items
– Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008
– 1 GB RAM or more
– Internet access
– Multilingual interface
You can download Fashione Stock Inventory for free from the developer’s web page.

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Fashione Stock Inventory Free

Size: Approx. 1.32 GB. You need a minimum of 4 GB free hard-drive space to run it.
Language(s): English
Outlook account required: You need to be able to sync your outlook account to your computer. If you do not have an outlook account, buy the software and get a trial outlook account.
Support: Contact, [email protected]
Price: $97.95 for a one-time license.
Platforms: PC, MAC, iOS

Fashione Stock Inventory For Windows 10 Crack Description:
Size: Approx. 1.32 GB. You need a minimum of 4 GB free hard-drive space to run it.
Language(s): English
Outlook account required: You need to be able to sync your outlook account to your computer. If you do not have an outlook account, buy the software and get a trial outlook account.
Support: Contact, [email protected]
Price: $97.95 for a one-time license.
Platforms: PC, MAC, iOS

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Fashione Stock Inventory Crack X64

It’s a comprehensive yet easy-to-use application that allows you to create and manage detailed reports about supplier stock, and inventory within your retail outlet, as well as enter and track the important products, colors and sizes your store carries.
In addition, you can manage your items on a webpage with one click and a number of useful features that help you speed up your work.
Main features:
Inventory management
✓ Manage your goods fast and easy. Enter details about each product, by inputting general and more complex information and explore reports.
✓ Stock and inventory report
✓ Set stock levels by category or department
✓ Generate reports based on stock evaluation, style and root PLU listing
✓ Create a catalogue of the pictures you have in stock
✓ Manage different sizes and colors
✓ Manage all your suppliers, departments, brands and colors
✓ Generate detailed reports based on vendor, category, style, size, tone and color
✓ Organize your items by location, supplier, department and brand
✓ Easy tracking of each vendor stock
✓ Set shipping conditions for each vendor
✓ Store image gallery with pictures of your products
✓ Set up representative images, vat rates and wholesale prices
✓ Manage your return addresses, as well as major and minor addresses, agent information, info about the trade or sales conditions, and payment methods
✓ Set up and manage your styling colors
✓ Statistical reports on item prices and monthly and annual retail turnover
✓ Give your company a style and identity
✓ Customer image gallery
✓ Search and filter vendors by contact information
✓ Sort and search for vendors by area and city, region, country, and state, as well as country and continent
✓ Manage and store all your important inventory details and colors, and view the stock levels for each item.
✓ Store and sort data about a specific part, and receive a comprehensive overview.
✓ Manage products by style, size, season, quantity and retailer
✓ Manage product prices by retailer, color and cost prices
✓ Take advantage of a catalog of your own clothing style
✓ Manage and store your items by category, style and color
✓ Invaluable stock management
✓ Standard reports, but you can also generate a report by style or color, and select the departments that you want to see
✓ Set up different criteria for

What’s New In?

Fashione Stock Inventory is a simple yet efficient application designed to add and manage your store products, suppliers, departments and clothing brands and sizes
What’s New in Version 4.0.5:
New: Make wardrobe easier to manage by cloning your existing wardrobe definition
Fix: Minor technical issues that could lead to errors
You must install this app before submitting a review.

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