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Basic After Effects tutorial:

In this video i will show you a very basic “Motion Graphic” Tutorial in After Effects.
The Motion Graphic is a technique where you can add a graphic overlay to a video.
You can use any effect you want and apply it to any single frame of the video.

Only the main camera, that will be used on the video, is selected as a “composition” layer.
All other layers are removed.

Check out the original video here:

To learn more on Motion Graphics (also known as “Motion Graphic Design” or “Graphic Design Motion”):

We will take this example and create this motion graphic in After Effects.
This is a very basic “Motion Graphic Design” Tutorial

In the below screen you can see the out product.
You can use any effect you want, as a guideline we have used “Oasis” and “Highlight Motion”
The out product was done using:
After Effects CC
Highlight Motion
We hope you enjoy this “Motion Graphic Design” tutorial.

There are many ways to learn this. But the best way is to ask a professional. So, how do you learn video editing?
With the cost of video production and editing equipment going down and cloud-based solutions becoming more affordable, it is becoming increasingly popular to learn video editing in a digital format.
But, as with most things, it’s not so simple to learn video editing.
Here are three basic ways to learn video editing.
Online video editing tutorials
The first way to learn video editing is by watching video tutorials on the Internet.
There are a number of ways to do this.
The first way is through video hosting websites like YouTube.
Users can upload video content to the website for the purposes of sharing, earning money, building a profile or profile to build a following.
Some video hosting websites like YouTube will allow for videos to be available for viewing for free, or for a fee, depending on how the video is monetized.
YouTube also has the ability to make an entire website dedicated to video content, known as a “YouTube channel”.
YouTube is a popular video sharing platform with a massive audience, which includes large numbers of people 384a16bd22

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This is  the one and only GPS generator available for NMEA protocol. 
Do not install any other GPS software
*- It’s simply impossible to configure more than one GPS signal generator in the system.
*- Using the GPS GENERATOR PRO program, there is no need to connect your hardware GPS receiver.
*- The program can be used to generate all major NMEA protocols and can be configured to output GPS data via serial port or network.
*- The program will also recognize the transmissions as if they were coming from your GPS receiver.
*- It can also be used to generate errors in the transmitted data for testing navigiation and control programs.
*- You can use this program to test your hardware GPS receiver if you do not have one.
*- You can configure the error codes and messages generated by the program to simulate various errors.
*- The program can be configured to send NMEA data using the UDP or COM ports.
*- The program also has a virtual serial port, in which you can send the GPS data as if they were coming from a GPS receiver.
*- The virtual port can also be used for sending and receiving data through the program.
*- The program has a special keymacro, specified in the config file, which can be used in any application for entering messages to the virtual serial port.
*- The GPS signals for the whole world can be simulated.
*- The program’s output can be saved to a text file for analysis, or it can be transmitted via a serial port or UDP.
*- The program’s output can be captured with a serial port and the captured data can be analyzed using a text editor.
*- The program can also be used in the development environment, when you don’t have a real GPS receiver, and it is very handy for creating the right error codes and messages for testing GPS receivers.
*- The program’s output can also be captured with a virtual serial port and the captured data can be analyzed using the C# NMEA library.
– The program was developed using Delphi 6.
– It was tested with Windows XP.
– Latest updates for the program will be given on the web site.
– Many screenshots and detailed instructions will be given on the web site.
*- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and

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