Keyboard macro editor for Windows with a variety of features and many built-in macro commands.Keyboard Macro:
Keyboard macro editor for Windows with a variety of features and many built-in macro commands.Keyboard macro:
This feature gives you the ability to record any sequence of keyboard keystrokes and to replay them later. It’s very useful for e.g. special key combinations (i.e. for editing files with special characters, handling multimedia or simply replacing parts of the window content), password fields, sign-in dialogues or any type of content you want to quickly copy and paste from a window.Keyboard macros are also useful in cases when you want to quickly perform a task using the mouse and keyboard in combination. You can record a macro for a whole series of mouse clicks (from selecting an item with the mouse to activating the application’s menus) or for a sequence of mouse clicks and mouse movements (moving the cursor to a desired position). Then you can replay the sequence with one single mouse click.Keyboard macros can be recorded either in single-key-stroke (one-to-one) mode or in double-key-stroke (one-to-many) mode. The number of simultaneous recorded keystrokes is unlimited.Keyboard macros are recorded in the following “macro zones”:
– a single mouse button click
– a sequence of mouse clicks (in one-to-one mode)
– a sequence of mouse clicks and mouse movements (in one-to-many mode)
– a keystroke sequence (in one-to-one mode)
– a sequence of keystrokes (in one-to-many mode)
– a mouse click and a sequence of mouse movements (in one-to-many mode)
– a series of mouse clicks (in many-to-one mode)
Keyboard macros can also be recorded for all types of buttons on your keyboard, e.g. Left or Right mouse button, volume buttons, Fn key, Print/Pause, Play/Pause keys, etc.Keyboard macros:
These are very simple and easy to use, one of the most powerful Windows utilities.Keyboard macros:
Keyboard macros are a very useful tool for Windows users. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.Keyboard macros:
Keyboard macros are a very useful tool for Windows users. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.Keyboard macros:
Keyboard macros are 384a16bd22

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An easy way to search for a text within many files on your PC, it allows you to type a keyword that you want to search in the address bar and get results quickly. KEYMACRO is a small and simple tool that will help you quickly search for your keywords and avoid many possibilities of errors.

Re: Indexing one folder

Installing this app is a speedy task that doesn’t require special attention. Just keep in mind that you must have.NET Framework installed, otherwise it won’t work properly.



When it comes to the interface, FileIndexer adopts a standard.NET Framework form that doesn’t put emphasis on graphical elements, yet it’s easy to navigate, thanks to the fact that it shows all options available.



It’s necessary to indicate the directory you want to index, specify distinct locations for the file and folder listings or leave the default settings enabled, as well as ask the tool to delete any existing files without any confirmation.

If you use it, you’ll notice that the confirmation can be done without deleting existing files. And what are the default settings, if not auto-indexing?


The task can be initialized with one click, during which you can view log details with the program’s activity on the bottom part of the frame. Once it’s over, you can open the new files to check out the full paths of all files and folders from the specified directory. There are no other notable features provided by this application.

If there are no other notable features, then what are they?


It doesn’t even have buttons for browsing files and folders. Instead, it forces you to copy the items’ full paths and paste them in the dedicated fields. Needless to say, it doesn’t make room for additional options, such as previewing the new file listings or picking the type of information to include.

Only you can answer this.


Evaluation and conclusion

How exactly is it an error?

If you have nothing to add to your answer, then perhaps you should delete this reply and just let the world know that the software does what it does.

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Reason: Completely wrong reply, so posting this now.

Re: Indexing one folder

Is it a.


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