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Category:Audio libraries
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Category:Windows-only software[The online system – the flow of intraspecifics for the “Flugweg” network (Insecta, Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae)].
The “Flugweg” network facilitates the exchange of data on species status and distribution in long-distance migratory species, particularly in species taxonomically difficult to study. Its central point is the online platform, operated by the Institute of Insect Morphology at the University of Giessen since 2007. It allows data upload, enquiry (electronic mail, e-mail, or phone), and search for species that can be visited, offering an overview of their distribution over the German federal states. The database of distribution data is updated monthly. New distribution data can be added by any member of the network via a simple and user-friendly procedure via the website. Because of the importance of data collection for the “Flugweg” network, we set up a server that was installed in the department of the Federal Environment Agency in Berlin, which is responsible for the national monitoring of wetland mosquitoes in Germany. Since April 2009, the IRS network was automatically connected with the “Flugweg” network. When matching the distribution data with the distribution of the best available data from reference collections, the number of taxa was nearly doubled.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a spindle motor and a hard disk drive (HDD) having the spindle motor, and more particularly, to a spindle motor that can be applied to an HDD with a low profile and a small size, and a hard disk drive having the same.
2. Description of the Related Art
Hard disk drives (HDDs) are essential electronic components for computers or information communication apparatuses. HDDs read data by transferring information to and from a magnetic disk using a magnetic head. HDDs write data by transferring information to and from the magnetic disk using the magnetic head.
HDDs are classified as either perpendicular magnetic recording HDDs or longitudinal magnetic recording HDDs. In the perpendicular magnetic recording HDDs, a recording and reproducing magnetic head is disposed to face an end surface of a magnetic disk at an angle of about 45°.


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random variables of beta distribution given pdf and cdf

It’s a simple question but i can’t find the answer by searching the web (maybe because I don’t know what to search for?): I want to find $X$ that’s distributed as a beta distribution. I have the pdf of this distribution:
$f(x|\alpha,\beta) = x^{\alpha-1}(1-x)^{\beta-1}$
How do I find the corresponding random variable $X$?


If $X$ is beta-distributed and $X\sim \mathcal B(\alpha,\beta)$, then:
$$\Pr(X \leq x)=\int_0^x f_X(t)dt=\int_0^x t^{\alpha-1} (1-t)^{\beta-1}dt=\frac{\Gamma(\alpha+\beta)\Gamma(x+\alpha+\beta)}{\Gamma(\alpha+\beta+1)\Gamma(x+1)},$$
(The formula for $P(X\leq x)$ is the definition of the beta distribution, $\mathbb E(X)$ can be calculated easily using the formula in the link I provide in a comment)


Code for converting content of listview to a dataset and loading it to new textbox

I want to convert the values of a listview to a dataset. How to do that? I know how to convert to an array but don’t know how to do for a dataset. And, how can I load the data from the dataset to new textboxes?


This link may help you convert ListView to Dataset
Converting ListView to a Dat

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