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Defragment hard disk and SSDs, optimize
volume size, and improve the performance.
KEYMACRO is designed to free up storage space on your disk by defragmenting your hard drives and optimization of hard disk and SSD volumes.
KEYMACRO solves the problems that most users face during the process of defragmenting and optimizing the disk partitions, such as the fragmented state of the partitions, performance reduction, and the delay in performing the optimization process.
KEYMACRO does not use a large amount of system resources or perform much work compared to other defragmentation software. However, since it is designed for the entire hard disk, it is very effective.
For the optimal performance of the hard disk, KEYMACRO always defragments the physical sectors.
KEYMACRO has some unique features, such as creating a partition for a volume, splitting the volume, and linking one volume to another.
When you run the KEYMACRO program on a multi-volume disk, it detects the volume number of each volume and sets them in separate folders.

Ultra Defrag Viewer

Version 1.0

Ultra Defrag Viewer is a useful application for the users that own a PC and want to optimize the disk performance. This optimization allows you to save money by postponing the purchase of a replacement.
Most of the users need to defragment their hard disk regularly, as the performance of the PC could be significantly impacted. The method is highly recommended for all users that need to run a lot of applications on the same disk.
The most efficient way to defragment the disk is to move all of the data to a single folder. However, this method is not very convenient for the users that have many files.
While all of the above are useful and efficient tips, most of them are related to the PC performance and require a planned action from the user. This tool presents you with an easy to use solution that requires minimal effort and directly applies to the disk.
The approach is based on the fact that defragmentation is performed on physical sectors on the hard disk. For most of the users, defragmenting the entire disk is not effective as most of the files are stored in a single folder. However, if you have a lot of files stored in different folders, you can speed up the defragmentation process by moving all of the files to a single folder.
This application can move all of the files in the folders to the disk. The 384a16bd22

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While developing your Pokki applications you can use KEYMACRO, this is an integrated development environment where you can code, debug and run your applications in the Pokki runtime.
KEYMACRO is very simple and intuitive to use. Just launch the IDE, press play and start coding. While you work on your application, you can step through your code line by line using the Debugger or simply use the shortcuts to execute functions or display your application’s content.
You can use the Resource Browser to navigate your project files and classes, to create your own classes and to edit your source code.
KEYMACRO is fully integrated with Pokki’s Javascript development tools.
The browser is used to view your application’s run-time files and you can manipulate your application’s Javascript files using the IDE.
The IDE will display the results of each command or operation as the application runs.
The IDE is very powerful and comes with a wide array of features such as auto-indentation, auto-completion, syntax highlighting and much more.
KEYMACRO has an integrated package manager and built-in designer that makes it very easy to add new features and design your application.
KEYMACRO is a browser-based tool and supports all major browsers and operating systems.
The IDE allows you to run your application locally using the run button.
You can also deploy your application to the Pokki runtime by using the run as website option.
KEYMACRO is based on the Node.js platform. It provides you with all the tools and libraries you would need to develop a standalone server-side application.

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