Gungirl Sequencer Crack

Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use Audiosequencer, it provides a simple Filemanager to add WAV-Samples to your Mix.
Gungirl Sequencer is not a MIDI Sequencer.


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Gungirl Sequencer Crack Keygen Full Version Free [Mac/Win]


Multi-thread sample loading:The sequencer can load and synchronize several SampleTrack instances at the same time.

Compatible with VST/AU/RTAS/AAX

Synchronize your samples between different sampler instances(Multi-Instance)

Manual sample loading:Optional fast sample loading.

Manual sample switching:Optional fast sample switching.

Integrated file explorer.

Fast Sample Loading:
To use this fast sample loading, you need to make sure, your disk is mounted in your computer. If not, eject your disk. The reason for this is, Gungirl Sequencer will read all the samples from disk that are located in the same disk-directory with the current file. For example: if you are loading samples from your Harddisk, Gungirl Sequencer will check the samples from your harddisk and load these. In this way, it will take some time until you will hear the first sample. If you are missing a sample, you can create it by clicking on the “New Track” button on top of the File Explorer.

To use your Harddisk you need to make sure, it is mounted in your computer. If not, you will need to mount your Harddisk.

(Optional) Start loading WAV-files

(Optional) Load samples from Harddisk into the sequencer

After start process

(Optional) Quick sample switching

After Quick sample switching

(Optional) Sample tracking

After sample tracking

(Optional) Trigger a MIDI NOTE for kick-in

After starting the sample loading and triggering a MIDI NOTE

High quality:* The audio CD format (WAV) is one of the most easy to record and use formats.

Fast speed:* The maximum speed you can set for the sample loading is 13 samples per second.

Inaudible:* The sound quality of our Sequencer is excellent. There is no missing sound or distortion.

Easy to handle:* In our Sequencer, the only thing you need to click is the mouse to do things with the samples.

Tips for sample loading:* To be sure, if you are missing sound, you can check the volume of your sequencer. If you are using the Rammus VST-Plugin, you can check the volume in the plugin.

If it still is not working, you can check if the samples

Gungirl Sequencer For PC Latest

– easily to use
– Add your samples to your Mix with the Filemanager
– lots of options for your Samples
– Audiosequencer for easy to use
Gungirl Sequencer Activation Code has the following options:
– Filemenu: Load to your Mix
– Remove samples from your Mix
– Loop your samples
– Toggle samples on /off
– Automations
– Make a new effect with your Mix
– Effects / Bandpass Filter / Reverb / Mix
– Select your Mix-Layer with the new Mix
– Select your Sample-Layer with the new Mix
– Start the new Mix
– Stop the new Mix
Gungirl Sequencer is most powerful VST-Plugin for Windows and Linux.
Support all Windows-Platforms.
New versions with new features will be added soon to this page.
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Gungirl Sequencer Torrent [Mac/Win]

Simple to use Sequence creation.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
Uses all aspects of computer Audio.
Auto sampling.
Drag and drop effects.
Keep your Mix organized and streamlined.
Send your mix to your portable device.
Expert Beat Guiding.
MP3/MP4 to WAV/WMA output.
Create a perfect template when you need one and stay on the move.
Full import export of WAV and MP3/MP4.
Auto-Update and auto-restart.
Kick – Virtual Kick (x 4)
Clap – Virtual Clap (x 2)
Snare-Whip (x 2)
Hi Hat – Circle Saw (x 4)
Closed Hi Hat – Hammer (x 4)
Open Hi Hat – Hihat (x 4)
Snare – Dragon (x 4)
Hi Hat – Crunch (x 2)
Chime – Water Bell (x 2)
Closed Chime – Open Bell (x 2)
Buzzer – Long Sine (x 4)
Cymbals – Crash (x 4)
Am-Cm-F-G-A-D (x 2)
Am-F-G-Cm-D-G-A (x 4)

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Support Team:

If you have any questions, please write them to the Support.

This program is a free program, which is distributed by the Chiron GmbH (Chiron GmbH).
This software is copyright protected, so that unauthorized copying of this program will be prosecuted.

This program may use freely available samples.

In case of using freely available samples, it should not be named as sample.

In case of using any sample you should name as sample (See “Legal”)


You can batch-Import wav-files (.wav or.aiff or.mp3 or.flac) to Gungirl Sequencer with the File-Manager.
The sample files should be in the directory (workspace) /Sample-Files/ (you can change it).
You can also rename the wav-file to your own name.
Choose the file type, if you want to apply it to the whole selection of wav-files.
Just select all the wav-files with the checkboxes next to the files and tick the “Apply” button.
After selecting the files you want to apply them to, click the “Apply” button.

You can also batch-Import MIDI files (needs MIDI to be installed).
Please note that the MIDI files should be named with the filename of the MIDI file +.mid/.MID/.
Also, if you want to use the MIDI as sample, you should tick the checkbox named “Apply to all” and choose the MIDI sample format “Music”.


You can batch-Export all the wav-files (.wav or.aiff or.mp3 or.flac) to Gungirl Sequencer with the File-Manager.
The format of the wav-files will be.wav by default.
You can also rename the wav-file.
Please choose the format of the wav-file.
Just select all the wav-files with the checkboxes next to the files and tick the “Apply” button.
After selecting the files you want to apply them to, click the “Apply” button.


System Requirements:

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