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Write down your math in the following way:
Lurch provides a huge collection of predefined expressions which you can insert as a string in your text document.
As they are predefined, you can quickly copy them into the clipboard and paste them into other applications like a word processor or email message.
Moreover, Lurch also supports the insertion of additional expressions which you can create with the provided tools.

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Install Lurch

Lurch is available for download from the free software repository and is compatible with all modern operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Lurch Version History


Lurch 1.0.2

Added some more contextual menus to the context menu and redesigned the “Help” and “CodeHighlight” menus.In “The Jungle Book” – Disney India’s upcoming live-action adventure, of the same name, to be directed by Jon Favreau – Baloo the bear, the voice of late actor Emilio “Lucky” Fernandez, will be making his big screen debut, playing the role of a hunter that befriends Mowgli.

Disney’s live-action Jungle Book is headed to India, where it is being made in three languages – Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. The Disney-owned company hopes that India will lead the world in terms of global audience for its upcoming Jungle Book film. The film is already dubbed in Hindi, and Disney is eyeing the global market. A Hindi dubbed version of Jungle Book is likely to hit the theatres first.

With respect to Indian audiences, CEO of Disney India and Southeast Asia, Nitin Kukreja, said, “The Jungle Book is an amazing adventure story with rich characters that we are sure, Indian audiences will connect with. I am particularly excited about this film and about our partnership with Disney India. We believe Indian audiences will love this movie.”

Lucky Fernandez, who passed away on September 9, 2014, was India’s oldest actor. He also voiced Baloo in the 1998 animated film, “Jungle Book”.

Lucky will make his acting debut in the Hindi version of the live-action film, the first Indian film to be produced by Disney. So far, the company has only made a small-scale animated flick called “Baba Yeti: A Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. It has not yet been decided whether the company will start producing live eea19f52d2

In WinDOS you can edit and run C programs. In Win9X you’ll have to change the pathing. Just make sure you choose the right directory. Otherwise you can always use this command:
type “c:\path
ame.c” and WinDOS will automatically run it.
It’s not as easy to use as WinCMD, but it’s still a good tool. I’d recommend trying it out on something not too critical to start with.

Harald Kronman

Harald Kronman (born 19 October 1951) is a German politician of the Free Democratic Party (FDP). He was a member of the Bundestag from 1994 to 2002 and from 2009 to 2017.

Life and education
Kronman was born in Döberitz, Berlin, in 1951. He studied German philology and comparative literature at the Free University of Berlin and graduated in 1978. From 1979 to 1986, he was a manager for the FDP in Schöneberg and Neukölln. From 1986 to 1994, he worked as a journalist for a Berlin newspaper. He worked for two years as a lawyer, and then served as a member of the Berlin Parliament.

Kronman was a member of the Berlin Parliament from 1994 to 2002.

Following the 2009 German federal elections, the Free Democrats won 17.9% of the vote and 11.2% of the seats in the Bundestag. Kronman was re-elected for a third term on the national level.

On 17 February 2011, Kronman announced his intention to resign from the Bundestag by 31 March 2011. Following the resignation of FDP chairman Christian Lindner on 22 February 2011, Kronman was appointed to succeed him. He, however, was given a temporary seat in the Bundestag, pending a by-election in his Berlin constituency. At the 2011 federal election, a by-election was held and Kronman won re-election to a fifth term in the Bundestag.

Kronman announced his retirement from the Bundestag on 31 March 2017.

Other activities

Corporate boards
Vivendi, Member of the Supervisory Board (since 2015)

Non-profit organizations
Federal Agency for Civic Education, Member of the Board of Trustees (since 2016)

Personal life
Harald Kronman and his wife, Tania, have four children.


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