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FTorrent is a lightweight torrent client for mono based systems that should be
compatible with most mono based systems, such as Linux, OSX and Windows.
It is extremely light and shouldn’t take any resources. It also supports
magnet links, IPv6 and IPv4 torrents.

The program has been developed by haarover.


Very lightweight with almost no resources

Supports IPv4 and IPv6

Handles magnet links

Automatic port detection

Uses libtorrent library

Automatically handles fragmented torrents

Has a nice simple interface, easily customizable

Will display file transfer rate in your system tray

Has a very simple file transfer progress indicator

Automatic configuration based on magnet links

There are only a few complaints about this software.

FTorrent is not a very good client, since it’s ugly and slow, even for the users who are used to use a different client. It’s just like utorrent.

The main problem with this application is the speed and the memory it takes up. The speed is just horrible, and it is really slow, even at maximum settings. And the memory it takes up is huge.

It’s good if you don’t mind installing a program, it’s just that the majority of its features are lacking.

Configurability and file support

For the configurability, you have to use Nautilus to manually move files to different places, by clicking the + icon (add) next to the desired drive.

For file support, yes, you can do that.

For others, some other features are lacking:

Can’t use magnet links, as there is no magnet support in this app.

New entries added to torrent are not automatically downloaded, and you have to manually click the download button.

File manager

The file manager is very simple and does not support any special features.

This is the only missing feature in this application.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity is nothing, the maximum size is just about 250 MB, in fact, there is no limit to the size, this can be very dangerous for those who want to use this program.

This is another missing feature in this application.


In conclusion, FTorrent is a mono torrent client. However, there are still a lot of other features that are missing from 384a16bd22

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